Buffy stars Alyson Hannigan and Seth Green are reuniting on How I Met Your Mother this season, and now you can see an image of the pair in costume!

Alyson Hannigan was one of the lead actors in Buffy the Vampire Slayer before joining the cast of How I Met Your Mother. Her character Willow’s first serious relationship was with Seth Green’s character Oz, who first appeared in season 2 and was a regular character in seasons 3 and 4.

Before then, the two also shared the screen in the movie My Stepmother is an Alien, so this is actually their third time acting together!

It was announced a while back that Green would guest star on How I Met Your Mother as Lily and Marshall’s old college friend, and now Hannigan has tweeted out an image showing herself and Green on the set:

She also tweeted the following, clearly very excited about the reunion herself:

Meanwhile, Seth Green has shared a slightly different version of the image:

Seth Green on WhoSay

The scene they’re shooting is clearly a flashback seeing as Lily has her college haircut. We can’t wait to see the pair on screen together again! Do you think they’ll make any Buffy references?


Hannigan has podsted a new picture, this one with Green and what must be her daughter Keeva – who looks appropriately surprised and awed at the Willow/Oz reunion, too!

Hannigan Green Keeva

Aww, how sweet! It seems like Green and Hannigan have been doing a lot of catching up; earlier today, Hannigan called upon the fans to remind them of which episode of Buffy saw Willow ask Oz to make out with her in a van (it was “Innocence,” if you were wondering).

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