6:30 pm EDT, February 14, 2013

‘How I Met Your Mother’ 8×17 ‘The Ashtray’: New photos released

How I Met Your Mother sees the group reminisce back to their last encounter with The Captain. There are brand new photos released, too. Warning, possible spoilers!

As reported by Hypable on Feb. 2, the next episode of How I Met Your Mother sets sail down memory lane, and says “Ahoy Captain!” as Kyle MacLachlan graces the show for another episode of what is bound to be cringe-inducing hilarity.

In season 6, The Captain was first introduced as the off-the-wall, ocean-obsessed husband of Zoey. Zoey (whom opposed the Goliath National Bank skyscraper which Ted designed) later went on to be one of Ted’s many girlfriends in the series, despite their conflicted interests in the New York skyline. On the last occasion we saw The Captain, he had just found out that Ted and Zoey were dating. Yikes.

The synopsis for “The Ashtray” is as follows:

When Ted receives an unexpected call from The Captain, the gang reminisces about their last awkward encounter with him.

So what could this mean for Ted if The Captain has gotten in touch? And what’s with all this unexplained ashtray business? Sounds like Monday’s episode has a lot to answer for.

What’s more, we’ve just stumbled across some promo photos from the next instalment of How I Met Your Mother.

[scrollGallery id=1178 autoScroll=false thumbsdown=true]

In image one it looks as though The Captain has confronted Ted, making Robin look a little uncomfortable and worried. Perhaps he’s got something to say about Zoey?

In the second still Lily, Ted and Robin look a mixture of pitying, shocked and concerned. Perhaps The Captain has done something to make them feel uneasy from across the room?

In the third image it appears The Captain is using some kind of chapstick in Robin’s personal space. That’s a bit up-close-and-personal… Maybe he’s hoping he’s Robin’s type?

Photo four is similar to image one but reveals Lily’s expression to be kind of happy and relieved, whilst Ted is still seemingly gobsmacked. However, Robin looks as though she might be about to put the moves on The Captain. Maybe he is Robin’s type after all!

Pictures five and six show Barney escorting two bikini-clad young blondes, one on either side of him. An interesting entourage given his newly engaged state, but if this is a trip down memory lane it’s probably pre-enagagement so we can let him off! What’s more, what’s with the guitar and confetti? We all know Barney Stinson likes to make an entrance, but really?

The final two snaps have given us something to think about. Is this another Barney doppelgänger? Or has Barney gone out of his way to align the stars for another twist of fate? Or perhaps he just thought he looked so much like the picture he felt like dressing up?

Don’t miss How I Met Your Mother 8×17 “The Ashtray” next Monday on CBS, 8/7c.

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