4:00 pm EDT, February 12, 2013

‘How I Met Your Mother’ 8×16 ‘Bad Crazy’ review

Last night’s How I Met Your Mother saw Ted try to ditch his new crazy girlfriend Jeanette and Robin enlist Mike Tyson for some bizarre babysitting.

Ted has long shocked us with the interesting girlfriend choices over the years, and his new notch on the bedpost is no different. Mad, obsessed and kind of scary and violent Jeanette (SNL‘s Abby Elliot) is strange to say the least. What’s more, Marshall and Barney both think she’s got to go “bye-bye”… and when you consider Barney’s track record she must be pretty cuckoo.

So once Ted realises that the only option he has left is to break it off with Jeanette, we’re not surprised that he wants to minimise the crazy by doing it in public. Unfortunately, Jeanette doesn’t seem worried about the gaze of a few hundred eyes when making death threats, so things don’t quite go to plan.

As Ted leaves the flat following his “break-up” he reminds Barney and Marshall not to let Jeanette into the flat. Of course though, the minute he leaves she’s at the front door, and there’s no chance she’s going without a fight.

Upon his return and dismayed with Marshall and Barney, Ted pleads from outside the door. That having failed Ted calls in the reinforcements to get her out of his flat, and out of his life. However in this case not even the police can help as Jeanette is a cop!

There’s only one thing for it, Boba Fett has to enter the vicinity. Dressed in a mannequins costume Ted goes to settle things once and for all with Jeanette, only for him to come rolling down the stairs five minutes later. What could Ted do to get rid of Jeanette once and for all?

Alongside Ted’s daily dose of crazy, Robin has had an eventful day too; playing babysitter with Mike Tyson!

Robin had thus far managed to avoid holding baby Marvin since his birth, being not that fond of kids, and frightened she might drop him due to her seeming lack of maternal instinct. However, following one unfortunate trip on the bus when his pacifier is lost, Lily leaves Robin and Marvin alone whilst she hunts down the lost binky.

Whilst Robin doesn’t initially let on that anything happened that day; things sort of leak out over time and many many bottles of wine. Eventually 17 years later; the truth emerges that not only did Robin leave Marvin in the arms of a stranger to be consoled, she almost lost him in his pushchair over the road, took him to a strip-club to warm up (don’t worry, it was “only topless” Lily!), and got love advice from future senator Tyson.

Anyway, back to the present as it were… Having tumbled down the stairs Ted looks lost and confused, and asks the gang how he should deal with the situation. Robin suggests (on advice from Mike Tyson) that Jeanette’s craziness might actually boil down to Ted’s craziness too. If he’s been given Jeanette mixed signals, what can he expect?

It’s at this point that Ted admits he might not have been completely straight with everyone. Having made out with Jeanette at the basketball game, and sleeping with her in his Boba Fett affray minutes earlier, perhaps he’s not been so fair on Jeanette?

Lily then says something which shocks everyone. She advises Ted to stick it out with Jeanette, as perhaps he needs some crazy to balance out his crazy for the time being. Moreover, Robin suddenly realises that she’s been holding Marvin without noticing, and with that she doesn’t let him go until the early hours of the next morning… that is until she gives him a quick sniff from the diaper!

What did you think of “Bad Crazy”? Having seen how Ted and Jeanette’s relationship ends, surrounded by debris and fire, do you agree with Lily? Is this the kind of relationship Ted needs right now?

Tune in next Monday on CBS, 8/7c for your How I Met Your Mother fix.


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