How I Met Your Mother returns with the episode “P.S. I Love You,” which brings us the final installment of the Robin Sparkles saga – and it looks to be epic!

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These pictures were released by CBS and posted online at SpoilerTV. The website also has a translated snippet from a German interview with actor Jason Priestley (pictured above) who will be appearing in this episode of How I Met Your Mother. Priestley teases the episode, saying,

Robin is Canadian and this episode is about her life as Robin Sparkles and how it became what it is now. It shows how she publicly dismantled herself at the halftime show of the Grey Cup. The whole thing is designed as a mockumentary, which also involves some Canadian television stars like Alan Thicke and Paul Shaffer. And because I’m also a little famous in Canada, I was able to be in it as well. The episode is just phenomenal and it was a lot of fun to shoot it.

Although this is sadly the last ever Robin Sparkles episode, we can’t wait to see it, because it looks like it’ll be phenomenal! Read more about what famous Canadian stars you can expect to see in the episode here.

How I Met Your Mother 8×15 “P.S. I Love You” airs Monday, February 4 at 8/7c on CBS.

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