House of Hades by Rick Riordan is the fourth installment in the Heroes of Olympus series, and it is full of some amazing scenes. Check out our top 10 favorites!

Note that this article contains major spoilers. If you have not yet read The House of Hades, we highly recommend you turn back now!

1. Hazel stands up to Hecate

Like all deities in the Percy Jackson books, Hecate is not a straight-forward character. Although she promises to help Hazel and the other demigods, you always have to wonder in the back of your mind if she will end up betraying them at the last minute. Hey, it’s happened before!

That’s why when Hazel stands up to the goddess, it packs such a punch. Hecate is, among other things, the goddess of the crossroads. She shows Hazel various images that represent her different choices, with each one ending in tragedy. Needless to say, we got goosebumps when Hazel decided she didn’t like her options and said, “I’m not choosing one of your paths. I’m making my own.”

You tell her, Hazel Levesque!

2. Annabeth whispers ‘I love you’ as she and Percy fall into Tartarus

Annabeth Chase

Okay, all together now: “Awwww!!”

Percy and Annabeth have been an OTP couple since book 1 of the Percy Jackson and Olympians series. We’ve seen them grow up and heard Annabeth go from calling Percy “Seaweed Brain” in a mocking way, to using the same nickname affectionately.

While we all knew that Percy and Annabeth loved each other, there’s just something to say about the fact that, when falling for eternity into Tartarus, she thinks of Percy and her feelings for him. Because let’s face it. We all would’ve have passed out at that point or, at the very least, been screaming ourselves hoarse.

3. Frank fully accepts himself as a son of Mars

Much like so many other demigods in this series, Frank has always struggled with the idea of who his godly parent was. Being half-god and half-mortal is no easy task, but being the son of Mars, the god of war, does not make it any easier. Especially for someone like Frank, who already feels ostracized because of his looks and his ethnicity.

But like all demigods, Frank rises to the challenge, on more than one occasion, and finally accepts who he is. In Venice, after Hazel has been poisoned and Nico has been turned into a plant, Frank does what he needs to do in order to save his friends. And what he does is incredible. Not only does he figure out a way to get Triptolemus to help him, but he single-handedly defeats all of the katoblepones in the entire city. Whoa.

4. Percy suffers the consequences of having killed so many monsters

One of the most interesting aspects of House of Hades is that it finally gives a perspective to all of the monsters Percy and his friends had killed over their years. While in most cases they certainly don’t deserve our sympathy, you can’t help but actually feel for them as you see where they are sent and how they reform in Tartarus.

Many of the monsters are just that — monsters. But some of them actually do change their ways and wish to help our demigod heroes. The likes of Bob and Damasen remind us that just like demigods, who can be both good or bad, those immortal beings have both light and dark inside of them as well.

5. Nico finally admits his big secret

Nico di Angelo

Nico is, by far, the most mysterious demigod in this entire series. Shrouded in darkness and mystery, he doesn’t let many people get close to him. It’s obvious that he has a soft spot for his sister Hazel, but for most of his other “friends,” he tends to keep them a Stygian blade’s length away.

And then, at one point in the story, we finally get see what it is that has been bothering him for so long. While we’re sure there is more to his character than just this one secret, we finally go to learn that Nico is gay — and that he’s had a crush on Percy for quite some time.

The moment was both beautiful, in that we got to experience it from Jason’s point of view as he figured out how he felt about the revelation, and tragic, since we know that Percy and Annabeth are so incredibly in love with one another. We can only hope that Nico will get his own happy ending as well.

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