9:00 am EDT, October 7, 2013

‘House of Hades’ character reveal: Meet Nyx, goddess of the night

Another character portrait has been revealed from House of Hades by Rick Riordan, and this time it features the goddess Nyx.

You can see the portrait in full below, thanks to the Percy Jackson Facebook page.

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House of Hades Nyx

The portrait features a woman in a beautiful black dress that (appropriately) seems to be shining with starlight. She has black wings, and is wispy and ethereal. It appears she’s standing on a chariot, perhaps, and is staring straight at the viewer with her white eyes.

In Greek mythology, Nyx is the goddess of the night — and, in some cases, is the actual personification of night. She’s a rare goddess to come across in the legends, which could possibly be explained by her less-than-corporeal image above.

Nyx’s home is in Tartarus, however, so it makes sense that our heroes, particularly Annabeth and Percy, will be encountering her as they make their way through the Underworld and toward the Doors of Death.

Additionally, Nyx is one of the oldest goddesses in existence, having been born from Chaos and around since the beginning of the world. She’s definitely going to be an interesting character to meet in House of Hades!

In the last character reveal, we got to meet Eros/Cupid. As both the Greek god of love (Eros) and the Roman god of desire (Cupid), the deity is mischievous and usually pairs people together that may cause some problems for them down the road.

House of Hades releases on October 8, which is just around the corner!

However, if you’re looking to pass the time until then, make sure you read this deleted scene from The Last Olympian, featuring Percy and one of his former enemies.

If you need more House of Hades prior to the release, you can always read the first chapter or listen to the author read a segment to you!

What do you think of the character art of Nyx from ‘House of Hades’?

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