2:30 pm EST, January 16, 2019

Hope Mikaelson is about to tap into her inner Klaus on ‘Legacies’

When Legacies returns next week, Hope is on a mission and it looks like she’s ready to go full Klaus on someone.

“Death Keeps Knocking on My Door” definitely started to answer some questions we had (and quenched our undying thirst for more Mikaelson family mentions), but it feels like “Maybe I Should Start From the End” is going to lean heavy on the Landon-mystery side of the plot, and we are so beyond ready for it. Mostly because of what we think it will do for Hope’s character.

While there are plenty of other storylines we want to see progress (is Caroline having any success searching for ways to save her girls? How do you go about explaining to a Ripper why they really shouldn’t have human blood? Are Josie and Penelope going to figure things out and be together? And how is Raph faring as the new Alpha of the Salvatore School pack?), I think we are all game to watch Hope hit the road and save her friend from whatever is trying to do him harm.

Hope Mikaelson has been holding it together pretty well so far on Legacies. I mean, sure, she brought a death spell to a manhunt in the second episode, but Alaric shut that down pretty effectively. We’ve watched her start to make friends, whether its finding new ground with old acquaintances or starting fresh with Raph and Landon. It’s been nice to see her progress from recluse to contributing member of the school. And now, with one of her new friends in trouble, it feels like we’re about to see Hope tap into her inner Klaus.

You see, most of the time, it feels like she’s leaning heavy on the qualities her mom valued. She’s finding a squad to be loyal to. She’s contributing to her community. She’s looking for answers and using those answers to help make life better for those around her. That is so very Hayley of her.

At the end of “Death Keeps Knocking on My Door,” seeing her bracelet light up indicating Landon’s current dire predicament, it feels like she’s about to tap into the Mikaelson side of her personality. The fiercely loyal, determined-to-do-whatever-it-takes-to-save-her-friend side. It’s too soon to declare Landon worthy of the “Always and Forever” we know Hope is looking for, but it definitely feels like we’re leaning toward that level of intensity.

Not to mention that it will be great to see Hope on the warpath to save her friend. I love watching Hope flirt with the Klaus side of her personality, and that seems to come out most forcefully when she’s presented with opportunities to protect or save those closest to her. Klaus was not all bad. He had quite a few redeeming qualities, and I can’t wait to see Hope learn how to use what her father gave her to make her an even stronger woman or tribrid or character or person or whatever. Klaus was definitely never short on power, and once Hope finds a way to harness that power for good, she will be an even more unstoppable force of nature than she already is.

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