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Why is Hope wearing Caroline’s dress to the Miss Mystic Falls pageant on ‘Legacies’?

There’s been a bit of debate since the images for Legacies 1×14 hit the internet and it involves a very important dress.

This week’s episode of Legacies is all about the Miss Mystic Falls pageant. We saw Caroline and Elena compete in The Vampire Diaries season 1, so it seems only fitting that Hope and Josie Saltzman get in on the action in Legacies season 1.

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Courtesy of TVGuide.com, we saw a few pictures (including some smile-inducing ones of Josie and Penelope for the Posie fans out there) of the girls in their finery, but the stills of Hope in a very familiar dress have drawn both admiration and ire as the choice to use the dress is debated amongst fans old and new.

You see, it appears that Hope is wearing a dress that has a bit of meaning to Klaroline shippers, as it was chosen and gifted to Caroline by Klaus for his family’s ball in The Vampire Diaries 3×14, and it was one of their first major bonding moments. The dress has had a few minor alterations, but it’s immediately recognizable thanks to the unique construction. Take a look for yourself in this side by side. It’s pretty obvious that it’s the same dress.

I can understand a little of the frustration. It’s odd to see a dress full of so much meaning to so many people be used again. I get that, but since we haven’t seen the episode yet, the vitriol I’ve seen floating around seems premature and unnecessary.

After all, the dress was a gift to Caroline from Klaus. What could possibly be more meaningful for Hope Mikaelson than wearing a dress with such a personal connection to her father? Especially when it seems like she is having a really hard time with deciding to be in the Miss Mystic Falls pageant to begin with. For a little context, check out the trailer below:

There are a few reasons why Hope could be wearing the dress, which range from thoughtful and sweet to thoughtless and cheap. I tend to think that it’s going to fall toward the thoughtful side of things, but we will only know when we see things play out this Thursday. In the meantime, here are all the reasons we could come up with ranked in order of their likeliness:

  • Least likely: Hope decides to wear this dress because she knows of its history and wants to be mean to one or both of the Saltzman twins.
  • Still not very likely: Hope needs a dress at the last minute and she pulls this out of a storage closet in the basement without any explanation or meaning behind it.
  • Unlikely: Someone magics this dress into Hope’s closet and she decides to wear it without knowing where it came from or its connection to her father.
  • More likely: Lizzie knows that Hope is having a hard time adjusting to whatever is going on after that Landon twist last week and lends this dress to Hope to cheer her up.
  • Even more likely: Josie, feeling badly about being responsible for Hope losing a beloved painting that she did with her father asks Caroline if she can lend it to Hope as an apology.
  • Most likely (or maybe just the outcome I’m hoping for the most): Hope doesn’t want to do Miss Mystic Falls because she thinks it’s antiquated, but Lizzie talks her into it, reminding her that her father would be proud to see his daughter living life to the fullest. In order to keep Hope connected to that feeling, Lizzie loans the dress to Hope after they have a long heart to heart about where it came from and Hope feels connected to her father in a way she hasn’t in a long time.

There are probably infinitesimal possibilities why she could be wearing the dress, but we’d put money on any of those last three being closer to what we will see in Legacies 1×14.

Why do you think Hope is wearing that infamous Klaroline dress on ‘Legacies’?

Photo credit (for Danielle Rose Russell official still): Quantrell Colbert, Quantrell Colbert/The CW

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