‘Homeland’ season 3 premiere date revealed

4:55 pm EST, January 12, 2013

At today’s Television Critics Association, Showtime unveiled the Homeland season 3 release date!

Homeland season 3 will premiere Sunday, September 29. Still a long wait, unfortunately. It will air ahead of their new show Masters of Sex.

They also revealed Dexter will premiere this summer on Sunday, June 30.

Speaking about Homeland, Showtime President David Nevins said he thought the season 2 finale ended “really strong,” and they have “enormous confidence” in the showrunners’ ability to maintain the quality “at the very highest level.”

Speculation on where Homeland’s plot will go in season 3 has run rampant since the surprising season 2 finale when we saw Brody and Carrie go separate ways. Show star David Harewood said earlier this month that he thinks Brody needs to die.

“I think he had to go,” Harewood said. “I mean, this was a guy who put on a suicide vest. This was a guy who was prepared to blow up half the American administration — including me!”

We do agree with his thinking. As we wrote the other day, Brody walked into a room full of senior American government officials with a suicide vest strapped to him, and fortunately for Brody, the trigger failed. Estes had an idea throughout the series that Brody wasn’t who everyone thought he was, and his cooperations with terrorist activity was indeed happening.

With an eight month wait until the season premiere, fans have lots of time to consider what can be ahead for Carrie and Brody.

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