Homeland season 3 will focus on the aftermath of a bombing event and it will be inspired by CNN and Twitter, according to Showtime president David Nevins.

Homeland season 3 is approaching its production stage next month, after the writers finalize the scripts for the upcoming season. Homeland season 3 will focus on “the aftermath of a major bombing event and will touch on many things you watch on CNN and Twitter” according to a report with Deadline.

Of course, this was ever so likely after the Homeland season 2 finale which we can safely assume is the same bombing event that Nevins is alluding to. Fans will be pleased that the series is continuing from where it left off, with Brody on the run from the CIA, and also the CIA being left in disarray after the death of David Estes.

Nevins did not make any further comments regarding Homeland season 3, but we are sure more news will begin to leak in the coming weeks when filming begins.

In other news regarding Homeland season 3, Damian Lewis says that Carrie and Brody are over, as we reported last month. Lewis promised, “I know what’s going to happen up to episode six. That’s all the writers know. It’s a much more spontaneous endeavor than you would image.”

But when asked about Brody and Carrie, Lewis said, “I think it’s over. I don’t think those two can be together – can you imagine them being married and bringing up kids? It wouldn’t last long. They’d be in the divorce courts quickly. I don’t think that’s a story that’s got many legs.”

Homeland season 3 appears to be on the right route to keep fans interested for the time being with what appears to be a continuation of season 2. What do you expect to change for Homeland season 3? What would you like to see happen? And, what will happen to Brody?

Homeland season 3 premieres on September 29, over on Showtime.

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