‘Homeland’ 2×09 ‘Two Hats’ preview

11:00 am EDT, November 20, 2012

Brody meets Abu Nazir and escapes from Carrie’s grasp – where will this week see Nicholas Brody end up?

On the upcoming episode of Homeland, “Two Hats,” there’s a desperate attempt to find out where Brody has gone. After being tailed by Carrie, last week’s episode came to a climax with Brody switching cars and jumping into a helicopter, to meet television’s most wanted man, Abu Nazir. The CIA are assuming the worst case scenario; either Brody is dead or he’s alive and being reprogrammed by potentially, Abu Nazir.

Roya still remains a question, and will certainly be in the CIA’s crosshairs now. She’s been the character in between Brody, Nazir, and the CIA, but with the potential of going after Roya, will Brody’s life be at risk? Would Roya even slip the CIA a mistake? It’s got to be something completely concrete for the CIA from now on, as mistakes could cost them Brody. A short snippet can be seen here.

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Meanwhile on Homeland, Mike sees Jessica at her house and confesses to an impending threat as seen in one our previews down below. Mike was sent by the CIA to pick her and the kids up and take them to a safe house for a short while. Mike is none the wiser of what the threat is, and the danger level of it. Dana doesn’t care, as all she does is blame Brody for this. Mike, the comfort in Jessica’s life, is once again playing to his strengths, protecting the woman he loved whilst Brody was in Afghanistan. Will there be any room for romance between the pair in this week’s episode? We’ll have to see.

Check out this week’s trailer below along with two short scenes.

Check out the next instalment of Homeland on Sundays at 10 p.m. ET/PT only on Showtime.

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