A series of photos and plot leaks for Homeland have been released ahead of Sunday’s seventh episode, “The Clearing,” and for the eighth episode titled “I’ll Fly Away,” which will air on November 18, 2012.

On Wednesday, November 7, SpolierTV shared the latest series of photos to showcase “I’ll Fly Away.”

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Carrie and Brody are set to get even closer on this Sunday’s episode, “The Clearing” with E! Online revealing that:

Carrie and Brody get some solid mouth-to-mouth action next episode that definitely leaves us wanting more. But don’t think these two are on the road to a functioning relationship—they are still up, down, up, and have some serious trust issues, only this time they are on Brody’s end.

This could spark even more controversy between both Carrie and Brody in the forthcoming episodes. With Brody’s marriage still teetering on the edge, will Jess find out? And with Mike still continuing to barge his way into Jess’ family life, will Jess inevitably ditch Brody for Mike? Hopefully the next few episodes will endure and inform the fans. For now we’ll have to wait.

Be sure to catch Homeland on Showtime 10PM ET/PT.

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