The Holiday season is upon us and before you camp out for Black Friday deals, here are some gift ideas for the music lover on your list.

For the hypsters, environmentally conscious and all-around lovers of old-school vinyl records:

Decorated Vinyls: Decorating walls with album covers is so overdone. Put a spin on the idea with decorated vinyl records from Etsy.
Vintage Vinyl Journals: Write down your feelings in a vinyl journal and maybe some day your diary entries and poems could come in useful for a song. Who knows, you could be the next Pink.
Vinyl Placemats: Decorating and writing aren’t your thing. Maybe eating is. Keep your table clean with a vinyl placemat during dinner. Reduce, reuse, recycle. You’re even keeping the Earth clean.

For the everyone who has ever needed headphones/earbuds:

Zipper earbuds: Ever have your headphones get tangled together? Say goodbye to wasted time trying to untangle them with earbuds that zip up.
Princess Leia headphone covers: Use them as headphone covers and as part of your next Princess Leia costume.
Underwater headphones People run while listening to music. Why shouldn’t swimmers get the same opportunity?

For the one with actual music skills:

Sheet Music: Learn a song for an audition or just practice for fun with sheet music from your favorite shows – Smash, Broadway shows, Disney classics and more.

For the one who couldn’t go to that big concert:

Live Concert Movies: Going to a concert can get expensive. Turn the sound way up on the Coldplay, One Direction and Katy Perry concert movies and get a similar experience for less.

For the one who’s bound to be a rockstar (or pretend to be one):

Rolling Stone mirror: Get used to being on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine with the Rolling Stone mirror. There’s also one for your future Playboy bunny, actor or world leader.
Amplifier Fridge: Beer and rock ‘n roll go well together. So stick beer in a mini fridge that looks like an old-school amp and you’re all set.

Of course, there’s always the music magazine subscription or a mixtape or a recently released album.

What music-related gifts will you be giving this year?

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