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Sorting ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ into Hogwarts

What if the four nations were sorted into four Hogwarts houses?

When it comes to Gryffindor and Slytherin, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff, here’s where the Hogwarts-bound Fire, Water, Earth, and Airbenders would end up.

Aang — Hufflepuff


A total sweetheart, Avatar Aang is pretty much the most Huffle of Puffs. Accepting of everyone, Aang’s greatest goal is to secure peace (and spread fun) wherever he goes. His friendly, goofy personality is the perfect icebreaker to bring people together, and his genuinely kind, loving heart makes him the Avatar that’s needed to unite a broken nation. Of course, although Aang might be all sunshine and rainbows, the kid still has his faults— his naive honesty has gotten his foot stuck in his mouth more than once…

Katara — Slytherin


Resourceful, cunning, ambitious, and clever, Katara is the quintessential Slytherin, even if the darker side of her strengths might be difficult to spot behind her demure, darling exterior. Katara is able to adapt to whatever situation she finds herself in, and she’s plucky enough to know how to utilize her power to her advantage. She demands to be taken seriously, and she’ll be damned if anyone tries to stop her from achieving her goals. A neurotic control-freak known for nagging her friends, although at times incredibly irritating, her nurturing nature is often the glue that holds the gAang together. And of course, as befits any quintessential Slytherin, her loyalty, once earned, is ride or die ’til the end.

Sokka — Ravenclaw


Don’t be fooled by his goofy exterior — as the gAang’s most creatively ambitious member, Sokka’s imaginative outlook allows for the most innovative of solutions to Team Avatar’s problems. This mix of pragmatism meets originality makes him incredibly resourceful, and the perfect person to lead during a crisis, while his logical outlook and ability to envision problems before they arise always helps keep his flightier teammates on track. #TeamSokkasSchedule

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Toph Beifong — Hufflepuff


Known for her abrasive, no-nonsense personality, Toph pushes through every hardship that’s been thrown her way with confidence. Never allowing herself to be defined by her disability, Toph is hard-working, tough and adventurous. She’s proud to own that she’s a brilliant bender, and she relishes in the thrill of the battle— in particular when she gets to put bigger bullies who underestimate her in their place. Her brutal honesty often gets her into trouble, but Toph doesn’t really care — she’s an independently minded person who’s most steadfast quality is that she refuses to change for anybody.

Zuko — Gryffindor


Motivated by redemption, Zuko is a chivalrous person ruled by honor — though he is at all times trying to define what exactly honor means in regards to the person he wants to be. A beautifully complex individual, Zuko is sentimental in his attachments, and feels duty-bound to protect those whom he is responsible for. Brave and daring, like many Gryffindors, Zuko doesn’t always think his decisions all the way through to their inevitable consequences. Impatient and hot-headed as a young man, as he gets older, he patience settles in and he becomes a voice of wisdom.

Iroh — Ravenclaw


Everyone’s favorite uncle is a true original: a goofball sage whose wisdom guides the teenagers to look at the world with fresh eyes. An erudite man, Iroh loves learning and is always expanding his mind, but his deep sense of spirituality keeps him connected what matters most in life.

Azula — Slytherin


Ambitious and cunning, Azula is always one-step ahead. Incredibly resourceful, she has a gift for manipulating any situation to work in her favor. Azula toys with her prey, reveling in her own genius. Her success stems from the fact that she is not only ruthless, but incredibly creative in her methods of strategy. A tactical visionary, she sees opportunities wherever she goes, and is relentless in achieving her goals.

Mai — Slytherin


An independent thinker, Mai refuses to be a sheep, even when she is following the crowd. Always acutely aware of the madness surrounding her, Mai isn’t driven by a sense of right and wrong, but rather a self-serving sense of preserving herself and those very few people that she loves.

Ty Lee — Hufflepuff

Ty Lee

A dedicated and patient friend, Ty Lee chooses to repress her own feelings and ignore the darker aspects of life — probably out of a very basic sense of self-preservation. But despite the evil antics she gets up to with Azula, on a personal level Ty Lee is kind to just about every individual she encounters, and her loyalty to her girls is unrivaled.

Cabbage Man — Squib

Cabbage Man

The Avatar universe’s resident man most likely to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, Cabbage Man’s string of bad luck would ensure that he make it all the way to Hogwarts only for the Sorting Hat to promptly announce that there’d been a terrible mistake because he doesn’t actually have any magical blood after all.

What Hogwarts houses would you sort the ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ characters into?

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