1:00 pm EST, February 24, 2016

Hogwarts has hired a Muggle IT guy, and his blog posts are hilarious

What's it like to be a Muggle in Hogwarts? Here's the answer.

As time moves along, things change in J.K. Rowling’s wizarding world just like they do in the Muggle world. It was only a couple of years ago that the author released the Harry Potter series in e-Book format, and now Hogwarts is adopting modern-day tech, too: They’ve hired an IT person to set up Wi-Fi and maintain the network.

Questions about what witches and wizards would do with the internet aside (Cheat on exams? Order new wands from Ollivanders Online? Send an e-Owl? Listen to MuggleCast?), Hogwarts’ Wi-Fi network was approved by the Headmaster and is now being set up by a Muggle IT guy named Jonathan. As he explains in an introductory post on his Tumblr titled “The Setup Wizard:”


As you might imagine, placing a Muggle inside Hogwarts is causing lots of wonderful observations for both Jonathan and his readers to enjoy. The Setup Wizard, who’s American (so he’s a No-Maj!) is documenting his discoveries as he continues his work.

While trying to figure out where to set up the servers for Hogwarts Wi-Fi, he happened across the Room of Requirement. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been too useful for his plans:


He’s also discovered what many Muggles struggle with when they go to The Wizarding World at Universal theme parks: That Butterbeer ain’t got no “beer” in it.

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But luckily, he did find a drink that’ll get him tipsy:


The headmaster has struggled to understand what a password is and why a wand can’t unlock his computer. Adorably, tech-savvy students are using “alohomora” as their passwords:


What flavor is that Bertie Botts Every Flavor Bean? There’s an app for that:


With great power comes great safety from spells:


He even managed to sneak some technologically-advanced Muggle products into Hogwarts — but to do so required telling the headmaster a fib:


Jonathan has hired an assistant, named Emily, who has a better handle on Hogwarts than he does:


And while things can be a struggle over at the Slytherin Common Room…


… Jonathan is being appreciated by the Pure Bloods:


In light of this Tumblr, we’re kinda wishing J.K. Rowling had allowed a Muggle like this one into Hogwarts (No, Filch doesn’t count since he was born to magical parents, but we’re sure his Tumblr would be equally entertaining).

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