Here’s one of the nicer bonus features of Harry Potter Wizard’s Collection – the overpriced, complete box set coming to store shelves in September.

Warner Brothers has been releasing pieces of the set over the past few weeks. Today’s is a physical blueprint of Hogwarts Castle, measuring 22″ x 36″. You can see a copy of it below. By clicking it you’ll see the largest size available. Understandably, the studio is not releasing the full-size version – you’ll have to purchase the set to see that yourself.

An interview with Art Director Gary Tomkins, who designed the blurprint and works on the films, also shared:

Were there any challenges in the creation of the Hogwarts castle blueprints?

The main challenges were the changes that were made from one film to the next. Because of changing requirements in each new script, and the fact that not all of the books had been written when we initially built Hogwarts, we had to introduce new elements, such as the prison tower, Owlery, astronomy tower, viaduct and courtyards as they were required by the story. Integrating these into an existing and well-known building like Hogwarts without destroying its overall look was quite a challenge.

As we reported a few weeks ago, Wizard’s Collection is already getting slammed on Amazon despite no one receiving the set yet.

You can learn more in this post.

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