6:30 pm EDT, July 29, 2018

Hire a Hufflepuff – why your next employee should be a badger

Not a literal badger.

Hufflepuff might be the most overlooked house when it comes to the Harry Potter series, but don’t make the mistake of underestimating their value in the workplace.

I’m a firm believer that a person’s Hogwarts house should be on the second line of their resume, right under their name. It’s a great indicator of what a person’s core personality traits are, the kind of worker they’ll be, and who they’ll get along with in the workplace.

When this trend inevitably catches on (I’m pretty confident that Harry Potter fans will be running every Fortune 500 company before long), I want employers to know that there’s one house in particular that they should look for. One house that will provide model employee after model employee.

That’s right, Hufflepuff is here to solve all of your company’s problems!

Really, this should be a no brainer, since one of Hufflepuff’s defining traits is hard working. The Sorting Hat said it himself, the badgers among us are “unafraid of toil.” No matter what task you put in front of them, Hufflepuffs won’t shy away from putting in the hours required to get the job done.

Puffs are so dedicated to their work, in fact, that it can sometimes even be to a fault. Their willingness to sacrifice their personal lives for the job can come at the expense of their house’s Quidditch performance or time spent socializing with literally any of the other houses. I mean, those guys were seriously always in the library. So, if you do take this article’s advice, please take some opportunities to remind your hard working Hufflepuff to take a break and see the sun every once in a while.

The Hufflepuff’s patience is another valuable virtue in a work place. Being patient helps in all kinds of stressful work situations, from dealing with difficult coworkers, clients, and bosses, to fighting through tedious computer issues that make a quick task take all day. The patient badger will not get discouraged. They will find a solution and persevere.

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At the end of the day, a Hufflepuff is just an all-around great coworker to have. They are kind and fair, usually having a pleasant smile on their face. They won’t seek out office gossip and disputes, but could definitely be a valuable resource when it comes to solving problems, given their affinity for justice. They’re not boisterous, like the Gryffindors, power-hungry, like the Slytherins, or overly precocious, like the Ravenclaws. They’re just cool people! They’ll probably also offer to lend a hand with your gardening, so you really can’t go wrong.

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Last, but absolutely not least, Hufflepuffs are loyal, which is a difficult trait to come by in 2018. Nowadays, people are experiencing a wealth of options like we’ve never had before. This leads to employees prematurely abandoning even the best of employers in search of bigger, better things. A Hufflepuff isn’t prone to this kind of behavior. If they’ve found an environment where they’re challenged and they enjoy their work and surroundings, they’ll happily stay by your side.

Hire yourself a Hufflepuff, and as long as you treat them right, you’ll have a dedicated employee until the day they reluctantly retire. Hire yourself a Hufflepuff, and your company will be markedly better for it. Hire yourself a Hufflepuff, and watch all of your problems go away in a Puff of smoke!

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