11:00 am EST, January 17, 2014

How to block BuzzFeed’s Facebook posts from your News Feed

By Andrew Sims | Edited by Brandi Delhagen

Your friends have all fallen for it, but you’re above it. Here’s how to block or hide BuzzFeed posts from appearing on Facebook.

Wanting to hide BuzzFeed articles from your Facebook feed is understandable. Maybe you don’t care where the site thinks your friend should live based on his hashtag preference. Maybe it’s not fun to read what muppet BuzzFeed thinks your Aunt Clara is.

Upon seeing the one billionth BuzzFeed link appear in my Facebook feed today, I decided it was time to stop clogging my feed with them. Sorry Cousin George, I don’t need to see 14 recipes that you should make involving vegan popcorn!

Here’s how to block BuzzFeed articles on Facebook:

1) Spot a BuzzFeed link in your News Feed


“Well, I live in California, so I could not possibly care less about this article,” you say to yourself.

2) Click the down arrow on the top right of the post and select ‘Hide all from BuzzFeed’


3) That’s it! You’ll never see a post from BuzzFeed ever again


Honestly, after one refresh of my feed I now see just how nice Facebook is without the same articles repeated over and over. BuzzFeed has some good content, but the Facebook sharing is out of control (which is obviously a win for the site).

Why are we writing this article when we do similar BuzzFeed articles on occasion? Our BitStrips blocking article was really popular. Naturally, BuzzFeed did their own version of the article five days later.

You can use these three steps for any publication in your Facebook feed – including Hypable. Despite the social network’s attempts to make their algorithm for showing you stories as balanced as possible, sometimes it takes the user going in and tinkering with some settings to get the feed just right.

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