10:59 am EST, November 23, 2015

Hey, he’s back! Nickelodeon developing new ‘Hey Arnold!’ TV movie

Nickelodeon is working on a new Hey Arnold! movie that will pick up where the original series left off and wrap up loose ends.

Earlier this year we told you Nick was planning on reviving a few of its older TV series. Now we’re learning that the first show they’re breathing new life into is Hey Arnold!, one of this writer’s personal favorites that ran from 1996-2004 on Nick.

According to Variety, the new Hey Arnold! TV movie “picks up where the original series ended and resolves unanswered plotlines –- including the whereabouts of Arnold’s parents, long missing from the program.”

In an interview found in the report, Nickelodeon’s Russell Hicks said the Hey Arnold! movie will be designed for the network’s “current” audience. “You have to remember people who are going to watch really don’t have a recollection of Hey Arnold,” Hicks told Variety. “You have to make it relevant to them but also nod to the audience that is going to be interested.”

Hicks declined to say what other old shows may be in the revival pipeline, but noted that they’re looking at reviving old live-action series too (meaning shows like Clarissa Explains it All are on the table).

Though it didn’t end up being the final episode to air, Nick wrote a two-part Hey Arnold! series finale called “The Journal” in which “Arnold finds his father’s journal, which tells the story of how his parents met, how they got Abner, his birth, and why they went on their ‘last’ trip,” according to the Hey Arnold! wiki.

There’s no airdate for the Hey Arnold! movie at this time. For now, let’s listen to the theme song again and again (warning: it’ll probably get stuck in your head):

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