8:00 am EDT, September 13, 2015

‘Heroes: Reborn’ premiere brings everything you expect and more

Everything you loved about Heroes and then some.

Heroes: Reborn premieres in just under two weeks, and after viewing the first episode, we’re positive you’ll all want to be tuning in for a return we think is epic, extraordinary, and, of course, evolved.

Heroes: Reborn takes place four years after the finale of Heroes when the world has come to know about people with special powers. They’ve been named Evos, short for Evolved Humans, and now as we begin our journey again with Noah Bennett, they’re being outcast and hunted.

The premiere begins with the terrorist attack that started it all: A three day summit was taking place at Primatech that was meant to bring Evos and non-Evos together, but when a mysterious explosion kills hundreds of attendees, the world places the blame on Evos, causing all of those who have powers to go into hiding. The pilot explores what happened to the people who survived the attack, and what that attack meant for those Evos who fled.

That’s about as much as we’ll tell you about the plot itself, but what we can tell you is that Heroes: Reborn legitimately feels like the old show we know and love. There are references to several characters from the past series like Claire Bennett, the Haitian, Mohinder Suresh and more. Tim Kring, creator of the show, went out of his way to make you feel like this was the same show you watched several years ago, and he succeeded.

The mysteries they’ve built this series are also just as deep, if not deeper, than the entire “save the cheerleader, save the world” thread they had going on with Heroes. This time it’s much bigger than just one girl. It’s going to take saving several people all over the world to stop what Heroes: Reborn is touting as the big bad this season.

Heroes Reborn character

And the powers? The powers are fantastic! One of our favorite things about Heroes was finding people with new powers that haven’t been seen before. We’re not going to spoil you and reveal which characters have which powers, but we can tell you that you’re going to be just as fascinated with the abilities, and more importantly, the people with those abilities.

After watching the two hour premiere, we find ourselves already attached to the cast of new characters like Robbie Kay’s Tommy Clarke, Ryan Guzman’s Carlos Gutierrez, and of course Zachary Levi’s Luke Collins. Not to mention seeing Jack Coleman kick some serious ass as Noah Bennet. These characters are complex, layered individuals that are fighting not only an external struggle with those they come against, but an internal struggle that makes them question who they are. And this is just the first episode!

Since Heroes: Reborn has done such a great job keeping this series a mystery, that’s all we want to say about the premiere. Heroes was easily our favorite sci-fi drama, and Heroes: Reborn brings back what we all missed and then some, so you have to catch it when it airs on September 24.

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