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Hermione and Veronica Lodge need to stop Hiram’s madness on ‘Riverdale’

The key to stopping Hiram is his family.

Out of everyone in this small town, Hiram’s family are the only people standing a chance, and Hermione and Veronica Lodge have quite some work to do if they’re to take down Hiram on Riverdale.

Another year, another nefarious plot masterminded by Hiram Lodge in an effort to retain and gain his power over the town of Riverdale, the citizens, and eventually, the world.

There’s no other crime boss quite like Hiram, who takes steps to “ensure” his family’s safety, even when those steps aren’t wanted or warranted.

Veronica (and, therefore, Archie) have taken the blunt of Hiram’s terrible decisions. Hiram’s belief that Archie is unfit for his daughter, due to his good spirit and moral code, has created quite an abundance of drama on the series.

Hermione and Veronica Lodge

Veronica, at least in season 3, has continuously fought against her father and everything he’s been trying to do to take control of Riverdale.

Hermione, on the other hand, started out the series as such a great character. On Riverdale season 1, it was quite possible that Veronica was my personal favorite character.

As soon as Hiram returned, though, it was all downhill. Hermione’s intentions and actions do not line up. We’re supposed to believe she’s looking out for her daughter and the citizens of Riverdale, yet she’s so quick to fall in line with Hiram’s will.

The strong woman we saw in season 1 that was fighting to figure out her future and keep her daughter safe and supported has disappeared for the willing wife of a crime boss that calls all of the shots in their lives.

It’s refreshing that there’s at least one person attempting to keep Hiram in check, but the fact that it has to be his 16-year-old daughter is a bit ridiculous. Hermione puts Veronica at risk every day by just staying with Hiram despite everything he has done.

Where we last left Hermione and Veronica Lodge and co. on Riverdale, Hiram had just organized a state of emergency in Riverdale with the mass seizures supposedly infecting the teenagers of the town.

Using Hermione, of course, to make the call to officially quarantine their city. Riverdale was thus cut off from the world, though Archie and Jughead had not made it back home.

That leaves, you guessed it, Hermione and Veronica Lodge to stop the evil from spreading. I mean, Betty and Cheryl are also trapped in the town, but no one aside from a Lodge can stop Hiram. Others have tried and failed to do so.

The biggest blows to Hiram come from his family, so imagine what could happen if Hermione actually worked with her daughter to stop her husband? As of now, we’ve only seen Hermione side with Hiram to keep Veronica in line, which almost always works.

Hermione and Veronica Lodge are the key to stopping Hiram, but especially Hermione. Her actions keep Hiram protected and safeguarded, even more so than her daughter.

Hermione and Veronica Lodge

Being the mayor of Riverdale, however she achieved that result, gives her some power to make some serious calls and throw a wrench into Hiram’s plans.

Archie has tried to stop Hiram and we can see how that worked out for him. He’s on the run, still fighting Hiram, and just trying to figure out how to continue his life with a well-connected crime boss hunting for his red hair across the state.

Betty can write an expose on Hiram, if she can get through it without being killed, and Cheryl can sarcasm him to death, but the only people that Hiram has some hesitation to hurt are his family.

Which, due to his restraints, puts Hermione and Veronica Lodge in the perfect position to take him done and end his reign over the town (and series).

It’s beyond time for someone to finally put a stop to Hiram Lodge. His antics, while promising in the beginning, have just made him the series’ unstoppable villain, who has continued to go on far past his time.

The blow it took to Hermione’s character to reintroduce him into their lives was not worth the aftermath. A once promising character was completely dragged down by her husband’s reappearance.

There’s no end in sight for Hiram’s story to end, but we have the key. Now it’s time for Riverdale to stop his madness once and for all.

Riverdale returns Wednesday, January 16 at 8/7c on The CW.

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