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14 ‘Harry Potter’ facts that will break your heart

Because you’re never truly over your first heartbreak.

The Harry Potter series was a warm, uplifting balm for the soul. Oh yeah, and it broke our damn hearts.

I think all authors must like heartbreak. After all, in writing you have to kill your darlings. George R. R. Martin has taught us that, and Suzanne Collins, and Veronica Roth. But J.K. Rowling can sure twist the knife. How else to explain Sirius, Remus, Fred, Dobby, and Lily and James (but not Lavender Brown, apparently). The problem is, when it comes to Harry Potter, losing those beloved characters is only the beginning. J.K. Rowling is the queen of subtext and foreshadowing. That means the closer you look, the deeper the heartbreak.

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But Harry Potter is an uplifting Chosen One story about overcoming evil through love, right? Oh, sure. Have a read through some of these heartbreaking Harry Potter facts and see if you’re still feeling so uplifted.

And when you’re finished sobbing over our Harry Potter facts, share the most heartbreaking things you have observed in the comments. Let’s all be sad together. Yay, fandom.

The Potters:

heartbreaking harry potter facts

As if we weren’t sad enough about the Potters, thanks Pottermore.


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Yeah, Harry knows a bit about being locked up too.


There is nothing okay about this.


We’re joining the James Potter appreciation society.


The Marauders:

heartbreaking harry potter facts

Harry brought all of the Marauders together…


…in the most tragic way possible.


Fact: The words ‘Uncle Remus’ will forever destroy us.


Honestly, Remus Lupin probably needs his own article.


The Weasleys:

heartbreaking harry potter facts

Molly Weasley is truly a queen.


You’ll never be forgiven for the twins, Jo…


…even if they did grow old together.


Ron proves that the epilogue wasn’t so bad after all.


And the rest:

heartbreaking harry potter facts

Someone just put Hagrid on Great British Bake-Off or World’s Biggest Sweethearts okay.


Moaning Myrtle? We’re even feeling sad for Myrtle now??


So, still feeling the Harry Potter love? Of course we are. The heartbreak is only real when the love is. Thanks Jo, for everything.

Don’t forget to share your most heartbreaking ‘Harry Potter’ facts in the comments.

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