Though season 2 hasn’t even premiered yet, the HBO series Girls has been renewed for a third season!

In an interview with Hot Button, Girls executive producer Judd Apatow confirmed that the show has been renewed for a third season:

“We’re about to shoot the third season of ‘Girls.’ Season 2 starts in January.”

You can check out the video with Apatow from Hot Button below:

This is huge news for fans of the show who have been eagerly anticipating season 2 since season 1 ended a few months ago. It should be noted that this is just Judd Apatow speaking about the show and not necessarily a formal confirmation from HBO itself.

When HuffingtonPost reached out to HBO for comment, they’re response was typical but enthusiastic:

“We’re looking forward to the launch of Season 2 and hope to have good news shortly thereafter.”

Though season 2 doesn’t premiere until January we recently got a first look at the trailer for season 2, which star/writer/producer for Girls Lena Dunham described as full of “sex and sharp objects.” Check that out below:

Are you excited that Girls has been renewed all the way to season 3 despite season 2 not even airing yet? It seems that with recent critical and fan reception, including Emmy Award nominations, HBO finds it worth the investment to green light a third season!

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