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Harry Potter video games for Switch, PS4, Xbox, and mobile release dates

Oh. My. App-ledore! More Harry Potter video games are on the way. Warner Brothers has announced that several games are coming down the Floo Network for console (like Switch, PS5, and Xbox Series X) and mobile (iOS/Android).

Lee Jordan, get ready to commentate. WB has created a new group called Portkey Games who’ll develop several new Harry Potter video games based in the Wizarding World for Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X, Playstation 5, and iOS/Android. The first game was announced simultaneously with Portkey Games: Harry Potter Wizards Unite, which is in the style of the wildly popular Pokemon Go.

In the years since Portkey Games launched, Wizards Unite, Hogwarts Mystery, and a couple other smaller games have launched. But what we’re still waiting for is a Triple A Harry Potter video game for home consoles.

Harry Potter video game wishlist

It’s been a decade since a major Harry Potter video game was released (it was tied in with the Deathly Hallows movie), so we’re way overdue for new ones. And yes, despite the series being finished, we are due: WB and J.K. Rowling are creating three more Fantastic Beasts movies; theme parks are welcoming thousands of people every day; The Cursed Child is expanding to more cities. Potter fever is high.

One highly-rumored Harry Potter video game coming down the pipeline reportedly lets you play as a late-blooming Hogwarts student, who joins the school in what would normally be a student’s fifth year. It’s said to be an open world role playing game that will debut in 2021 for all major consoles. A big teaser trailer had leaked a couple years ago and made it look very impressive, but the video has since been taken offline.

Warner Brothers had intended to tease the new video game at E3 2020, but since the conference was canceled due to COVID-19, the plan now is to unveil the game later in 2020, according to Bloomberg. The game will be available for Playstation 5, Xbox Series X, and possibly others, like Nintendo Switch.

As we await more information about the forthcoming Harry Potter video games for Nintendo Switch, Playstation 5, Xbox Series X, iOS and Android, here are a few ideas I’d love to see.

Quidditch World Cup Remastered

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One of my favorite Harry Potter video games back in the day was Quidditch World Cup. It was a game by EA that let you compete in matches either at Hogwarts (using any of the four Hogwarts Houses) or around the world. Each country’s Quidditch Pitch had a unique design. It even gave you a chance to play the sport in the U.S.A. — a dream come true for a then Potter-loving teenager.

Quidditch World Cup was released on a variety of systems in 2003: Nintendo GameCube, PlayStation 2, Microsoft Windows, Xbox, and Game Boy Advance. In other words, it was everywhere.

Imagine a new game just like this one in beautiful HD graphics on Nintendo Switch, Playstation 5, or Xbox Series X. You could play online with friends or random Potterheads around the globe, competing in tournaments and working your way through the ranks. Since this game was published we’ve learned about several Wizarding Schools in canon, so this game could let us play at places like Ilvermorny!

And if we can’t get that, how about some simple broom racing? Knock your opponents down with some well-timed spells. And the more you play, the better the broom you can purchase.

LEGO Harry Potter

Several years ago Travelers Tales and Warner Brothers developed two excellent games — LEGO Harry Potter Years 1 – 4 and LEGO Harry Potter Years 5 – 7. They’re available for Wii, DS, Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and 4, and others. With overall reviews of 79 and 80 on MetaCritic, the LEGO Potters were well received by fans of all obsession levels. Best of all, Travelers Tales put their classic LEGO touch on it: The games were adorable, quirky, and surprising.

Instead of making new ones set in the world of Fantastic Beasts, I’d love if the original LEGO Harry Potters were ported and upgraded for Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. This isn’t too crazy of an idea — LEGO Harry Potter just got released for Playstation 4 in October 2016. Let’s get these classics on other modern systems so we can continue to enjoy them.

‘Time Turner Twist’

How about a game for mobile in which you have to turn back time to fix situations like Buckbeak/Sirius, and avoid being seen? It’d be fun to race against the clock as you try to take care of a couple of tasks, all while avoiding being seen by any wizards.

‘My First Beast’

This is another mobile idea: A game where you capture a beast and have to take good care of it. The game opens with your wizard character perusing the Forbidden Forest, seeking out one of over 100 animals. The first one you’re able to successfully capture is yours to take care of, Tamagotchi style. Feed it, play with it, give it water, train it to maintain its magical abilities, and use it to battle other beasts.

A Harry Potter Massively Mulitplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG)

This is the big one. The one Harry Potter fans have actually been clamoring for. J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World is begging to be turned into a MMORPG thanks to the level of detail she put into her seven books. Imagine an open world video game where you could experience all seven years at Hogwarts. You could board the Hogwarts Express, train to become a N.E.W.T.-passing wizard, peruse the Hogwarts Castle grounds, take a secret tunnel to Hogsmeade, battle trolls, play Quidditch, compete in duels, clean up the Weasley’s house, visit the House Elves, bury Dobby, collect Horcruxes, defeat Voldemort, and so much more.

It’s high time that we get a Harry Potter MMORPG, and with Warner Brothers seemingly setting up their own Harry Potter Video Game Department, now is the perfect time to get this going. It wouldn’t even necessarily need to be set during Harry’s timeline — it could be back in the ’20s, during Newt’s story. We would still get to visit Hogwarts and encounter beloved characters.

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