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70 important questions ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’ needs to answer

And none of them is "Where is Emma Watson?"

The countdown to Harry Potter and the Cursed Child has begun, and we have more than a few questions for this Harry Potter sequel to answer.

It is 2016, which means the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child countdown can really begin in earnest. Fans around the world (us included) are hoping that the play, which marks the first proper Harry Potter canon since Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was published in 2007, will mark the beginning of the Harry Potter fandom resurgence.

We also hope it will answer a few of the burning questions that have been bothering us since the series finished. These aren’t questions about Harry Potter and the Cursed Child itself, like “How big of a role will the trio play?” and other big questions we have posed. And they certainly don’t include “Since when is Hermione black and where is Emma Watson?” which we have already been answered.

Instead we’re demanding answers to our many questions about Hogwarts, and the broader Wizarding World, and what exactly happened in those 19 years before the Deathly Hallows Epilogue. Sorry, did we say just a few questions?

  1. What happened in the 19 years between the end of Deathly Hallows and the epilogue?
  2. Has the Wizarding World changed substantially?
  3. Are there still Voldemort loyalists around?
  4. Were there some kind of Wizarding war crimes trials?
  5. Was Umbridge tried after the war?
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  7. Who is the Minister for Magic now?
  8. How is the Minister chosen, seeing as they don’t seem very concerned with elections?
  9. Does that make the ministry a dictatorship?
  10. Why weren’t any of the international wizards concerned about Voldemort’s rise?
  11. Were they facing other threats during this time that we didn’t hear about?
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  13. How many wizards are there in the world?
  14. How many children are there at Hogwarts?
  15. Are there many wizard children who aren’t sent to Hogwarts but who are homeschooled?
  16. Where are the international magical schools?
  17. Are there wizarding colleges/universities for post-Hogwarts education?
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  19. Has the Wizarding World as a whole worked to correct their blood prejudices?
  20. Have they corrected their prejudices against magic creatures?
  21. Did Hermione achieve any change for House Elves?
  22. What was Hermione’s final year at Hogwarts like without Harry and Ron?
  23. Who is the Headmaster now?
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  25. Why can’t squibs go to Hogwarts and learn subjects that don’t require spells, like Astronomy, or Care of Magic Creatures?
  26. If Hogwarts allows owls, toads, or cats, why was Ron allowed to bring Scabbers?
  27. Do Wizarding children just have no education before the age of 11?
  28. Does no one in the Wizarding World need the ability to spell or know what a verb is or do basic addition?
  29. Is Neville considered to be the hot Professor by his students?
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  31. Do they teach sex ed at Hogwarts?
  32. Who teaches it?
  33. Is Hagrid still at Hogwarts?
  34. Is the Forbidden Forrest still full of dark creatures?
  35. Has anyone stumbled upon the Resurrection Stone?
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  37. Even after the Hogwarts houses caused such divisions, do they still have them post-war?
  38. Does everyone still hate the Slytherins?
  39. Are the Slytherins mostly still terrible?
  40. Did they rebuild Hogwarts the same after the battle, or is it different now?
  41. How do they commemorate the Battle of Hogwarts each year?
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  43. Do they now teach students about Voldemort’s rise to power?
  44. Do they have Hogwarts 10 year reunions?
  45. Do Harry and Draco make awkward smalltalk?
  46. Has Draco finally recovered from Harry not wanting to be his friend?
  47. Is there lingering suspicion in the Wizarding World towards the families and children of former Death Eaters?
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  49. Is Hogwarts free to attend?
  50. Does that mean wizards pay taxes?
  51. Have they fixed the problem of electronics not working at Hogwarts?
  52. Are we seriously supposed to believe that no wizard kids have a iPhone, even at home?
  53. Why isn’t there a wizarding equivalent of computers, or Google?
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  55. Seeing as most of them don’t live in wizard-only areas, why are most wizards so clueless about Muggle life?
  56. Did Harry and Ginny, and Ron and Hermione send their children to Muggle schools before they went to Hogwarts?
  57. Does Ron know how to use a telephone yet?
  58. Are Ron and Hermione still together?
  59. Did Harry and Ginny elope to avoid the media speculation?
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  61. How many seconds did it take Molly Weasley to add a hand for Harry to her clock after he and Ginny got married?
  62. How badly do Harry’s kids torment Dudley’s when their parents make them hang out?
  63. What is Harry’s actual job?
  64. Are people pressuring him to enter leadership positions, like becoming Headmaster or Minister?
  65. After clearing Snape’s name, did he clear Regulus’ as well?
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  67. Do the portraits of Dumbledore and Snape know that Harry named his son after them?
  68. Has there been a conversation between the portraits and Albus Severus?
  69. After all the trouble Harry caused, why would anyone let a Potter attend Hogwarts again?
  70. Do the trio still hangout, or is it now the trio plus Ginny?
  71. Do Harry and Teddy Lupin have long meaningful conversation about the sacrifices made by each of their parents?
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  73. Are Teddy and Victoire still a thing?
  74. How is George doing these days?
  75. Do the Weasleys still celebrate George’s birthday?
  76. With Ollivander in bad shape and Gregorovitch dead, who is making wands now?
  77. Can wizards not get cancer or other Muggle diseases?
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  79. If they do get them, do they go to St Mungos for treatment or to a Muggle doctor?
  80. Why doesn’t anyone seem to care that love potions are essentially date rape drugs?
  81. How are they legal when the Imperius curse is not?
  82. Why aren’t Polyjuice Potions considered a bigger deal when they involve stealing someone’s identity?
  83. Seriously, what’s behind the veil?

harry potter questions

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