9:13 pm EDT, April 4, 2018

Harry Potter fan play ‘Puffs’ is coming to a movie theater near you

By Irvin K | Edited by Brandi Delhagen

For two nights only, May 9 and May 12, over 600 theaters nationwide will broadcast Puffs Live Off-Broadway. For the first time, Harry Potter fans all over the United States will be able to fall in love with the Puffs, as everyone who’s seen it in New York City has.

This broadcast will be done in partnership with Fathom Events, which has made a name for itself by bringing cool theatrical offerings to movie theaters. Puffs is making history by becoming the first ever off-Broadway show to be shown in Fathom Events. Puffs has continued to defy expectations, and has seen extraordinary success in a time when success just isn’t found off-Broadway – this is another big feather in its wizard hat.

This theatrical release is a precursor to the release of Puffs Live Off-Broadway as a digital download, which will be available to Kickstarter backers on May 13th. A day later, it will be released to the world.

While Puffs definitely demands to be seen live, to capture the energy of the room, the filmed version may have different things to offer. The press release promises that “Audiences can expect the unexpected, including close-up shots, multiple angles and an exclusive look behind the curtain of this clever and inventive play.”

Another reason to see Puffs Live Off-Broadway is a chance to see the entire original cast intact (give or take a Cedric). There will not be too many more opportunities, because after two and a half years some of the are beginning to graduate. Recently, Julie Ann Earls (Megan Jones) announced on Twitter that she and Eleanor Phillips (Hannah Abbott/Xavia Jones) will depart the show in May, with their last performances being Saturday May 19. While cast changes are part and parcel of the theatrical business, Julie and Ellie have made the Jones family come alive in the best way, and they’ll be sorely missed.

If you want to book tickets to see Live Off-Broadway, you can do so here.

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