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7 ‘Harry Potter’ easter eggs that prove J.K. Rowling is a genius

We’ve collected 7 magical Harry Potter easter eggs that you may have missed during your many readings of the series.

The brilliance of the Harry Potter series never fails to astound us, even all of these years later. One particular reason we continue to love J.K. Rowling’s series so much (aside from, you know, every reason) is because each time you read one of her books, you will almost always spot something new. That’s because J.K. Rowling is a straight up genius.

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Here are 7 Harry Potter easter eggs that took our fancy. Know of some others? Share them in the comments!

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These are far from being the only hidden details in the Harry Potter books. We chose 7 because, magic. Remember when we all discovered that the 62442 phone number Mr Weasley dialed to get into the Ministry of Magic actually spelled out “MAGIC”? Or when J.K. Rowling (probably) gave a subtle nod to actor Rupert Grint when she included “Rupert” as one of the names Professor Slughorn used to erroneously address Ron in Half-Blood Prince?

There are hundreds of small moments like these scattered throughout the Harry Potter books. Some, similar to the ones we picked, have no real impact on the story but are just fun (or slightly depressing) to discover. Many more pay off later in the series, thanks to J.K. Rowling truly being the indisputable queen of foreshadowing.

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And with all of the oddly correct predictions, we can’t help but feel that perhaps Divination wasn’t such a waste of time after all. Sorry, Hermione.

Of the above Harry Potter easter eggs however, our favorite has to be Fred and George. How can you go past the twins hitting Voldemort in the face with bewitched snowballs? We bet Voldemort had a word to Quirrell about that later on.

What other ‘Harry Potter’ easter eggs have you found?

In the spirit of the Harry Potter fandom, if you are a particularly eagle-eyed fan (we mean you, Ravenclaws), share any other fun moments or easter eggs in the comments so that your fellow Potter fans (including us!) can find them too.

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