Cameras were rolling at Wednesday night’s performance of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, just before the original cast ends their run in the show.

A couple of photos surfaced this evening depicting filming taking place. The first is a sign letting attendees know that The Cursed Child was being filmed, while the second shows a professional camera at the back of the theater.

It makes perfect sense for the show to be professionally filmed while the original cast is still there. A new Cursed Child cast will take over later this month, so they’ll want to have a permanent copy of the original cast in place for historical purposes.

Of course, there’s always a chance that this taping is taking place for an eventual public release. We here at Hypable have been gunning for a theatrical release so that the large majority of Harry Potter readers aren’t limited to consuming the story via a script book.

We hope a video version of The Cursed Child will be released in the near future, but in reality, we don’t see this happening. There’s too much money still to be made by bringing people into the Palace Theater (and to Broadway next year). Like that tape of Hamilton, The Cursed Child will probably be sitting in a Gringotts vault for a long time.

We can only imagine how much Warner Brothers is salivating at the sight of cameras in Harry Potter 8’s theater. You know they want to put it in theaters as badly as Snape’s heart burns for Lily.

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