11:15 am EDT, April 18, 2016

J.K. Rowling reveals Trio’s ‘Cursed Child’ wand designs, confirms Draco, Ginny in play

We're also learning about Ginny's wand for the first time.

Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling shared a nice update from The Cursed Child rehearsals on Monday morning.

A photo tweeted by @JK_Rowling reveals the wand designs for Hermione (played by Noma Dumezweni), Harry (Jamie Parker), Ron (Paul Thornley), Draco, and Ginny. These are interesting because they’re mostly similar to the wand designs in the movie, yet they different slightly.

This is the first time we’re learning about Ginny’s wand. It’s made of Yew, just like Voldemort’s. Yes — the wife of Harry and Harry’s arch enemy share the same material ?

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It’s interesting: I would’ve expected them to use the wands that were in the movies if the characters still had the wands they did in Deathly Hallows. All the wands looks pretty similar to their movie counterparts except for Ron’s. (Edit: Thanks to Corneel for reminding us that Ron took Pettigrew’s wand in Deathly Hallows after having his own wand confiscated by snatchers. Pettigrew’s wand was chestnut, as is the wand described in the sketch above, so this suggests Ron is still using Pettigrew’s wand.)

Perhaps it would’ve been lazy for them to use the movie wands — By developing updated designs, fans are being told that no shortcuts are being taken.

I’m also wondering why Rowling is calling it an “exciting morning?” Did the final wands just arrive? Did the author just put her stamp of approval on these designs? Hmmm!

Today’s photo from Jo also confirms that Draco and Ginny are in The Cursed Child. I know, we could’ve assumed this, but there was no official word until now. We still haven’t heard who exactly is portraying these two characters, but we did spot someone who looks very similar to Ginny in The Cursed Child cast photo (look at the red headed woman in the bottom right corner):


The Cursed Child begins preview performances in June, and the play officially opens in July. The play’s script book will be published around the world on July 31, 2016 — Harry Potter and J.K. Rowling’s birthday.

Rowling appears to be in London right now for Cursed Child rehearsals. We’re glad to see she’s sitting in on the practice runs!

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