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15 controversial Harry Potter opinions you’re too scared to admit are true

Sirius sucks. There, I said it.

By Hypable Staff

No matter how much time has passed since the series ended, these controversial opinions will rile up Harry Potter fans. Always.

One of the most supportive and respectful communities in fandom is Harry Potter. Those who love Harry Potter often get along extraordinarily well, even if they have differing opinions on something. However, there are a few topics in Harry Potter that will inevitably lead to raised voices and unwavering attitudes. Below are 15 controversial opinions on the Harry Potter series that are sure to get your blood boiling.

1) Hermione should have been with Viktor Krum

He basically worshipped the ground she walked on. The famous Quidditch star fell for a bookish muggle-born girl and was so good to her. They continued correspondence after he left Hogwarts, and he even invited her to his home in Bulgaria. Hermione definitely deserved someone who treated her with kindness, rather than someone who treated her poorly just because he didn’t understand his feelings.

2) Barty Crouch Jr. as Mad-Eye Moody was the best Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher

Who better to teach students how to defend themselves against dark magic than someone who is an expert at dark magic?

Despite being utterly evil, Barty Crouch Jr. turned out to be an effective teacher. He didn’t allow students to slack off, working them right up until Christmas break. He taught practical application, not just theory, and he even helped Neville’s confidence grow (even though he also had ulterior motives for this). In fact, it was because of Crouch’s lessons that Harry was able to resist Voldemort’s Imperius Curse.

3) Harry is academically very clever

This boy read his textbooks for fun over his summer breaks. He may not like lecture- and theory-based lessons, given how many times he asks Hermione for help with his papers, but it’s not because he’s incapable. Harry achieves Exceeds Expectations or higher in six of his nine classes. He continually displayed abilities to perform magic beyond his years, and had he spent as much time studying and practicing as Hermione, it’s not a stretch to think that he could have been more accomplished at magic than she was.

4) Hermione was abusive and manipulative

Aside from repeated instances of kicking and hitting both Harry and Ron, Hermione has also: kidnapped Rita Skeeter, sicced canaries on Ron just because she was jealous of his relationship with Lavender, and did not tell members of Dumbledore’s Army that the attendance sheet was jinxed to hex anyone who blabbed about the club.

5) McGonagall and Dumbledore is a ship worth shipping

Yeah, sure, Dumbledore is gay, which makes this ship ‘impossible.’ But neither Harry nor Draco are gay, and that doesn’t stop any of you. At least McGonagall and Dumbledore have a history of friendship and respect for each other that provides a strong foundation for a healthy relationship. You can’t say that much for other ships.

6) Severus Snape was a horrible person who did not achieve redemption

It’s great that Snape was a double agent ultimately serving the side of good. Sure, there are some points for that. But everything he did was out of selfish love for Lily. Harry’s life meant nothing to Snape, other than the fact that it was his last connection to Lily.

Moreover, his treatment of students not in Slytherin house is disrespectful and borderline abusive. For example, he attacked Harry for not knowing answers to questions on his first day, and he personally attacked Hermione, making fun of the size of her teeth. It’s one thing for Snape to have wanted to keep his distance from Harry and the trio because of his double agent status, and another to have gone out of his way to verbally attack them.

7) Hagrid was a terrible adult figure and influence in the trio’s lives

Hagrid certainly had a kind heart to Harry, but he’s prejudiced, purposely ignorant, and incapable of successfully doing most tasks he was assigned.

He criticizes centaurs, and thusly a centaur friend, as being mere “ruddy star-gazers.” Though not anti-muggle, he certainly believes them to be inferior to wizards and witches: “It’s your bad luck you grew up in a family o’ the biggest Muggles I ever laid eyes on.” Hagrid also continually underestimated the danger of many animals (Aragog, Buckbeak, blast-ended skrewts, etc.). Lastly, look no further than Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone to see how terrible he is at completing tasks. He left Harry to find the Hogwarts Express on his own and didn’t tell him how to find platform 9 3/4. More often than not, the trio acted more like adults than Hagrid.

8) Slytherin students didn’t deserve the hate from the other houses

JK Rowling really did Slytherin house dirty in the Harry Potter series by having so few decent characters originate from that house. The series was from Harry Potter’s own perspective, who did indeed have a bias, but that doesn’t mean his opinion could not have changed had he come in contact with good Slytherins.

The Slytherin prejudice was so strong by so many people in the series, Slytherins were not even allowed to fight against the Death Eaters in the final battle if they’d wanted to. Surely not all children who are sorted into Slytherin are inherently evil?

9) Harry should have died and stayed dead

If Harry Potter, the Chosen One, the Boy Who Lived, had actually died in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, his sacrifice would have been more meaningful. Harry dying would have been heart-wrenching, but him dying in order for Voldemort to die would have added so much weight to the ending.

10) Tom Riddle was capable of redemption if he’d had any kind of nurturing or guidance

Tom Riddle displayed multiple signs of troubling and disturbing behavior as a child, signs that Dumbledore knew about. Despite Dumbledore’s concern for Tom’s state of mind, all he did was reprimand him and warn him that such behavior would not be tolerated at Hogwarts.

Even once Tom got to Hogwarts, all Dumbledore did was ‘keep an eye on him.’ Some children require more attention than others, and perhaps a boy with such disturbing tendencies should have been better looked after, and had more direct guidance. Who knows what would have happened had Tom been adopted, or simply given the proper attention he clearly needed at an earlier age.

11) Dobby’s constant interference in Harry’s life warranted his death

Yeah, Dobby could be cute and he had the right intentions, but after a few times his “help” was an annoying hindrance at best, and downright dangerous at worst.

Stealing Harry’s letters in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrers was cruel, even if Dobby’s heart was in the right place. Then there’s the rogue Bludger which could have killed Harry. Dobby’s unwavering loyalty to Harry is admirable, but his lack of thought before action is ultimately a detriment to himself and those around him.

12) Harry should not have been an Auror

Harry’s desire to be an Auror is so similar to muggle children’s desire to be a firefighter, astronaut, or policeman. It’s not that Harry would be incapable of becoming an Auror, it just doesn’t align with his goals and motivations.

Harry wanted to become an Auror at a time when dark witches and wizards were in abundance due to Voldemort’s return. It makes sense Harry would want to be an Auror in war times, given he’s the Chosen One, a responsibility he more or less accepted. But after Voldemort’s defeat, why would he still want that? Why would Harry Potter, the boy who ended the war, want to continue a life of fighting? Given Harry’s desire for love and family, wouldn’t it have made more sense for him to choose a less dangerous profession?

13) Bellatrix Lestrange and Fenrir Greyback were scarier villains than Voldemort and Umbridge

Voldemort may have been the big baddie in the Harry Potter series, but his ego was an obvious and fatal character flaw. Umbridge’s evil tactics were more conniving than blatant murder, but at least her prejudices were obvious. It’s easier to act against someone when you know their intentions.

Bellatrix and Fenrir were completely different beasts. They we’re incredibly violent and even more unpredictable. Bellatrix got joy out of playing with her victims, and Fenrir’s preference for attacking children was sinister in a way unlike any other in the Harry Potter series.

14) Sirius Black should not have been Harry’s Godfather

Unfortunately for Sirius, his imprisonment in Azkaban at a young age seemed to have prevented him from maturing out of his reckless teenaged behavior. His influence wasn’t what Harry needed. Harry’s upbringing at the Dursleys’ left him in need of not just love, but guidance. Sirius certainly loved Harry, but he’s entirely incapable of imparting the adult guidance Harry uniquely needed.

For example, when Sirius wanted to visit Harry in Hogsmeade as his animagus dog form, it was Harry who had to advise against it. Sirius might have been discovered and captured or killed. Sirius’ response was to lash out at Harry saying that he’s nothing like his father, that the risk is what would have excited James. It’s a low blow, and a clear indication of Sirius’ immaturity.

15) Harry wasn’t overly ‘angsty’ in ‘Order of the Phoenix’; he was justifiably frustrated

It wasn’t “teen angst” that caused Harry to be so angry in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Harry was the unwitting hero who accepted a huge endeavor with nary a complaint.

In Order of the Phoenix, the boy who was meant to save the world was suddenly being lied to and kept out of the loop for unknown reasons. If the fate of the world is on your shoulders, you’d expect (and want) to be part of the conversation on how to accomplish that. It’s understandable that Harry would become frustrated and angry with his friends and confidantes when they cut him out without explanation.

What controversial opinions about Harry Potter do you have?

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