11:00 am EDT, October 5, 2015

Can you match the ‘Harry Potter’ chapter to its American artwork?

For American Harry Potter readers, Mary GrandPre’s art was their visual gateway into J.K. Rowling’s world.

Starting tomorrow with the first-ever Harry Potter Illustrated Edition hitting book store shelves, new generations of readers will be entering the Wizarding World with an entirely new set of visuals by Jim Kay.

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Scholastic and Bloomsbury will publish the Illustrated Edition of Sorcerer’s/Philosopher’s Stone on Tuesday, October 6. It will be the start of a yearly release pattern for the Illustrated Editions, according to the publishers. The first book in the series reportedly holds over 100 illustrations, and that number will surely soar as we get further into the series.

What we’ve seen from the first book is remarkable, and we can’t wait to see these illustrations for ourselves. In light of a new era for the Harry Potter book series, we thought it’d be fun to see if you can match Mary GrandPre’s artwork from the American Harry Potter books with the chapter it was created for.

Some of these may be obvious, but others will offer more of a challenge. Don’t be surprised if you can’t perfectly complete this test — remember, there were 198 chapters in the Harry Potter series (not counting the epilogue!). To prevent you from going crazy, we’re quizzing you on “only” 18.

To play, simply click on the chapter art that matches the book and chapter title listed at the top of the quiz. Select your answers carefully! Mistakes will hurt your overall score.

How well did you do?

Order the Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone Illustrated Edition via Amazon.

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