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‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’ reveals first looks at Harry, Ginny and Albus Potter

Harry really does look just like his dad!

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child begins previews in London next week, and now photos of the main cast are beginning to surface.

Are you ready for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child? Whether you’re lucky enough to be in London for one of the first performances of the Harry Potter play, or if you’re picking up your script book at a midnight release, Harry and the gang’s future adventures are about to be revealed.

19 years after the conclusion of Deathly Hallows, we pick back up with Harry, Ron, Hermione and their kids as they solve a new mystery and face new problems.

With the first preview performance (which Hypable is attending!) exactly one week away today, the Harry Potter Play Twitter account has started unveiling images of the cast in costumes. First up is the Potter family: Harry (Jamie Parker), Ginny (Poppy Miller), and their youngest son Albus (Sam Clemmett):

l-r Harry Potter (Jamie Parker), Albus Potter (Sam Clemmett), Ginny Potter (Poppy Miller)




This is our first proper look at Jamie Parker as Harry, and with the darker hair and scar he actually looks a lot more like an older Dan Radcliffe (and, more poignantly, like Adrian Rawlins, who played James Potter) than we’d have thought. Poppy Miller is also a dead ringer for an older Bonnie Wright, and it’s interesting that the casting and makeup teams for Cursed Child have made such an effort to emulate the movie characters in this instance.

James Harry Potter

It’s also interesting that Albus Potter is part of the Potter family, while James and Lily Luna are nowhere to be seen. Does this mean they won’t have as big of a role to play?

Update 2: In a brief statement on Pottermore, Sam Clemmett said of taking the above portrait, “This is what Albus wears at the start of the show. I had the idea he was wearing James’s – his older brother’s – hand-me-downs. So I wanted him to feel quite uncomfortable, and be able to play with his clothes.”

Update: Here are J.K. Rowling’s new comments on each of the cast members:

On Sam Clemmett (Albus): “There’s much I could say about Sam-as-Albus, but we’d be into spoiler territory so quickly I’ll just say we couldn’t have cast better.”

On Poppy Miller (Ginny): “I think a lot of people would like to have Poppy’s Ginny for a mother. Kind and cool, exactly as I imagined her.”

On Jamie Parker (Harry): “He simply is Harry now. There’s a kind of relief in watching him, he gets it so right.”

Fans are generally assuming that Albus will not only have a major part in Cursed Child, but that he is in fact the cursed child in question. We guess we’ll know in a week! Also note that Albus’ robes intentionally don’t have a House affiliation — more proof that he’s a Slytherin?

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But however big of a role Albus will play, the promotional material so far have indicated that Jamie Parker, along with Noma Dumezweni (Hermione) and Paul Thornley (Ron) are still the main stars of the Harry Potter play. While we can’t wait to see what Al and his friends get up to at Hogwarts, this is still reassuring for fans of J.K. Rowling’s book series who don’t want to see the story pass from the main trio to their children.

What do you think about Harry, Ginny and Albus’ appearances in ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’?

Now we’ll have to wait for images of the Weasley family to be released — we’ll keep you posted!

You can find out more about Cursed Child and ticket availability on the official Harry Potter Play website.

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