8:17 am EST, June 3, 2016

The ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’ cast is all smiles in behind-the-scenes video

By Selina Wilken | Edited by Karen Rought

A new, amazing Harry Potter and the Cursed Child behind-the-scenes video reveals the main actors as they get ready for their photoshoots.

If the official portraits of the three main families in Harry Potter and the Cursed Childthe Potters, the Granger-Weasleys and the Malfoys — didn’t get you excited for the upcoming Harry Potter stage play, we’re pretty sure this one is gonna tip you over the edge:

The Harry Potter Play released this fantastic behind-the-scenes video, which shows our eight main actors during their photoshoots, revealing some angles and poses that didn’t make it into the final reveals.

We’ve got Ron (Paul Thornley) and Hermione (Noma Dumezweni) being completely adorable and looking perfect together:

Cursed Child Ron Hermione

Cursed Child Romione

Cursed Child Weasley Granger

See? Ron and Hermione are NOT getting divorced. No way. (She says, to calm herself.)

And there’s Ginny (Poppy Miller) too, being so Ginny it should be enough to dissuade our fears about her portrayal in Cursed Child:

Cursed Child Ginny

Cursed Child Potters

Ginny and Harry’s son Albus (Sam Clemmett) clearly has a lighter side too. Welcome to your new life as a Tumblr crush:

Cursed Child Albus

And, perhaps most importantly, we’ve got Jamie Parker just being so downright giddy about getting to play Harry Potter, it can be nothing but contagious.

“I don’t really know how to put it into words, it’s just immeasurably exciting,” he says. “And I can’t wait to show it to people.”

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It’s great to see so much enthusiasm from Parker, as Harry himself really doesn’t look like he’s having a great time in the Potter family portraits.

In fact, fans are now speculating whether the dark past Harry is grappling with in Cursed Child hasn’t actually soured him more than the “19 Years Later” epilogue would suggest. Are we looking at a much more emo Harry than we anticipated? (Like, Order of the Phoenix level?! Say it ain’t so!)

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child previews open next week in London.

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