11:37 am EDT, April 28, 2016

‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’ audiobook not happening, publishers say

It's too bad, because visually impaired Harry Potter fans need it.

The upcoming script book for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child will not receive an audiobook adaptation in the foreseeable future.

Harry Potter fansite SnitchSeeker spoke to the publishers of the script book, Scholastic and Bloomsbury, who revealed that there are no plans for a Cursed Child audiobook in time for the book’s July 31, 2016 release.

SS cautions an audiobook may still get put together once the final edition of the Cursed Child script is published, but a publication date for that version is still a mystery. Remember, the Cursed Child script book being released on July 31 is the “Rehearsal Edition,” meaning it’s the script that the actors are using from now until July 30, when the Harry Potter play officially kicks off performances. The differences in between the Rehearsal and Final editions of the script book may be dramatic or very minimal.

The lack of a Cursed Child audiobook will come as bad news to those who need it as an alternative to reading. Those who are visually impaired will be the first to be disappointed by this news.


The seven original Harry Potter books had audiobooks ready in time for each book’s worldwide release. Since the Cursed Child is officially being billed as “the eighth story,” you would’ve thought an audiobook would be coming in time for the script book’s release.

An audiobook adaptation of The Cursed Child would’ve been a unique listening experience because of how the book is formatted, which may be one reason it’s not happening for now. The script book will look something like this:

Son, I don’t want you to be playing Quidditch. It’s too dangerous.

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But I want to play dad! No fair!

[Albus Severus stomps around]

No, Dementors and crap can make surprise appearances and hurt you.

See how that’s formatted? The narrator would have to introduce each character before saying the line. If they ever decide to do an audiobook, it will probably sound robotic. Even if they brought in different voice actors, they’d still have to be introduced each time they say a line so the reader can keep up.

But they should still do it. There are people who need it!

Earlier this week Team J.K. Rowling announced that the script for Fantastic Beasts will also be released to the public. It arrives on November 19, one day after the movie opens in theaters.

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