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Thirteen times Harrison Ford was the foxiest man alive

Bow in the presence of greatness.

The second Star Wars: Episode VII trailer debuted last week! And while, like every other sentient being, I am of course excited for the film, the biggest takeaway I got from the trailer was the realization that even though Harrison Ford is approximately 157 years old, he’s still probably the most hot damn foxy man on the planet.

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Here’s a comprehensive list of thirteen times Harrison Ford showed us that he was the foxiest man alive.

When he was born and his parents intuitively knew to give him a movie star ready name.


Some actors change their names to make them more sparkle-worthy, but Harrison Ford was born with his. He shares the same name as the silent film actor Harrison Ford, who also has a star on the Walk of Fame.

When he became a self-taught professional carpenter to support his family.


Acting gigs don’t always pay the bills for a young actor, so Harrison Ford worked as a carpenter as well. He would go to auditions straight from work still dressed in his carpentry clothes to remind casting directors that he always had other choices in his life. See, folks? Harrison Ford doesn’t need your approval! Harrison Ford is a tradesman! With real-life skills that would actually be useful in the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse! He knows that real men work with their hands — like Jesus, and Bob the Builder.

When he swept up that Han Solo gig like a boss.

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Harrison Ford the Carpenter met George Lucas while he was building cabinets at his house. Lucas hired Harrison Ford to read lines with actors auditioning for his Star Wars film, and was so impressed he ended up casting him as Han Solo.

When he smiled and we swooned.


Look at his perfect man-hair flopping in the breeze.

When he made us hot for teacher.


Nobody can rock tweed like this beautiful man.

When he gave literally zero f&cks about Internet feuds.

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When he showed us that a strong man likes his fictional ladies a little bit feisty.


(source) (source)

When he improvised the most baller line in cinematic history.


The script originally read, “I love you, too.” But Harrison Ford insisted that Han Solo was too cool for school.

When he donated half of his Wyoming ranch as a nature preserve.


Harrison Ford is well-known for his environmental advocacy, and is the vice-chair of Conservation International.

When he was a rockstar superhero and rescued a lost, dehydrated hiker with his helicopter.

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Harrison Ford personally provides emergency helicopter services at the request of Wyoming authorities.

When a new species of spider was named the Calponia harrisonfordi.


In recognition of his environmentalism, an arachnologist named a new species of spider after Harrison Ford in 1993. In 2002, an entomologist named a new ant species Pheidole harrisonfordi.

When he grabbed pizza like a champ at the Oscars.


Harrison Ford doesn’t need to be modest. When the man’s hungry, he eats. No apologies!

When his plane had engine failure in 2015, and at age 72, Harrison Ford made an emergency landing on a Venice Beach golf course like nbd.


Because he’s Han Solo, bitches.

What can we say? Harrison Ford is one foxy scoundrel.


Why do you love the eternally foxy Harrison Ford?

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