7:30 pm EDT, October 28, 2013

Rumor: ‘Indiana Jones 5’ demanded by Harrison Ford for ‘Star Wars’ return

It’s been assumed that Disney will get Harrison Ford back for Star Wars: Episode VII, but Ford clearly has the upper hand in the negotiations.

This is a big rumor, but it’s such a juicy one that we had to share it. According to Jedi News, Harrison Ford is officially back for Star Wars: Episode VII. It doesn’t come as a surprise since sites with sources have been reporting this for a while, and Ford all but confirmed it himself in an interview with Graham Norton.

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What’s interesting here is that Ford is using his pull in the negotiations to get what he wants, and what he wants is Indiana Jones 5, a franchise he cares a lot more about. The rumor says that he didn’t get the official confirmation of the movie that he wanted, but they did guarantee him that an outline for the fifth movie in the series would be completed by the end of next year with the movie coming out no later than December 2016. Now George Lucas will have something to do.

The rumor also says that Ford wanted to see what was in store for Han Solo for not only Star Wars: Episode VII, but in the coming films as well. This seems to say that Han Solo won’t die in Episode VII, something many predicted would happen, but it doesn’t rule out an Episode VIII death.

Should ‘Indiana Jones 5’ be made or should Harrison Ford concentrate on ‘Star Wars’?

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