Hannibal season 2 news round-up: A new poster and 2 trailers

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2:45 pm EDT, February 20, 2014

The second season of the hit crime show Hannibal draws ever-nearer, and fans have been served a number of delicious teasers.

First, check out the teaser image above. This little delicacy features Hannibal standing in front of three cages: each containing Will Graham, Jack Crawford, and Alana Bloom. Whether this is just another display of Hannibal’s ability to manipulate and control, or something more literal remains to be seen.

After that palate-teaser followed the main course, two tasty trailers.

According to the scenes in these trailers, Will is still in custody, haunted by the Wendigo and the psychological damage from Lecter. A few shots show Will wearing Hannibal’s famous restraining mask.

Though it looks like Will still holds to the fact that Hannibal is the killer, Hannibal is doing everything he can to shut Will down. Hannibal is, as Beverly Katz says, the “new Will Graham,” fooling nearly everyone in his journey to infiltrate the FBI. However, Dr. Bedelia Du Maurier, Lecter’s psychotherapist, believes Hannibal is “dangerous”, and tells Will she believes him.

Fuller promises that the next season won’t waste any time, cutting right to the chase with story progression, new characters, and some deaths from the get-go. Consider yourselves teased!

Hannibal season 2 premieres Friday, February 28 on NBC.

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