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These guilty pleasure Netflix shows will make you smile

Sometimes, the only remedy to a bad day is by isolating yourself on the couch and watching a guilty pleasure show, and luckily for us, Netflix has several great options.

It’s a chance to remove yourself from the stress in your life and all the bad stuff in the world, even if it only offers a temporary reprieve from negativity.

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The definition of what is a “guilty pleasure” varies from person to person depending on their viewing tastes but it’s simply a show that makes you laugh, smile, or generally feel good as you dive into strange drama, ridiculous moments, and mindless entertainment.

Perhaps you are embarrassed to admit your undying love for cooking or crime shows but don’t worry, I will not judge you.

And, when you think about it, there’s no better way to indulge in a guilty pleasure than by binging it in large quantities on Netflix. There’s a lengthy list of shows that fit into this category, but these shows should be at the top of your must-see shows that you shouldn’t be ashamed to enjoy.

‘Tuca & Bertie’

Guilty Pleasure Netflix Shows

Tuca & Bertie is an adult animated sitcom starring Tiffany Haddish as Tuca, an impulsive and irresponsible toucan who always gets her more responsible songbird bestie Bertie (Ali Wong) into some ridiculous situation.

This show would fit in perfectly in the Adult Swim lineup with its share of weirdness, sex jokes, and general mayhem but it is much funnier than most shows on their network.

There’s smart insight into the adulting world and a great binge that’s packed with a ton of star power.


Have you ever heard of the toilet talking? It’s a method of communication for prisoners in this real-life reality show about the Sacramento County Jail.

Jailbirds is perhaps the most ridiculous (and possibly exploitative) shows that Netflix has created but there’s something about diving into the main “casts” lives that makes it an interesting watch.

And, if nothing else, learning how they make alcohol and fall in love through sewage lines is enough to reel you in for multiple episodes.


Follow the journey of Retsuko, a red panda whose accounting job makes her literally scream death metal tunes at her local karaoke bar. This anime series, which is gearing up for season 2, takes a look at typical office culture through the eyes of several animals who either wish they were someone else or are living a life that isn’t all it seems.

The episodes are short, the jokes are sharp, and the characters are so adorable that you will go looking for merch immediately after the first episode. Aggretsuko will make you laugh and feel seen as it tells the story of your life.

‘Dead to Me’

A show about a woman and her husband’s murderer becoming friends seems dark, but Dead to Me is actually a bright light of self-deprecating humor, mystery, and general anxiety as you wait with bated breath to see when the truth is really going to come out.

If loving a show with a sad premise and painful themes is wrong, then there’s no need to be right.

‘Magic for Humans’

Magic is good. Magic is fun. Humans love magic.

Why wouldn’t you want to watch a show about a magician who does incredible tricks for random people on the street? There’s literally not an adult alive who isn’t thrilled by a magic trick.

How DO they do this stuff? It’s only six episodes so the thrill won’t last long, but enjoy it until it is gone.

‘Nailed It!’

There is no Netflix guilty pleasure list without Nailed It. This cooking fail show will make you feel better about your own Pinterest attempts gone wrong.

And, Nicole Byers well-placed quips and observations are sure to keep you in stitches as the panel tries to embarrass the contestants by having them attempt to recreate the most complicated confections in the universe.

But beware – you might end up perusing the Netflix website to figure out how to apply to be in the next season.

‘Life in the Dog House’

Dogs are great in general but a show about rescue dogs is even better. A loving couple has a home where they give needy dogs a nice place to crash.

Outside of that, there’s no solid premise but it’s inspiring and will make you smile and possibly cry happy tears after a long day at work.

And, you’ll find yourself watching this documentary over and over and over again because you can and people should mind their business.

What are your favorite guilty pleasure shows on Netflix?

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