Get ready for the Fall season finale of Grimm with these cast interviews about episode 2×12 “Season of the Hexenbiest,” plus a preview!

David Giuntoli reveals that Monroe is the one to break it to Nick that Juliette is involved with another man. Nick goes to break up with her but finds out that Hank is in the hospital after being attacked. At a low point in his life, Nick decides to sleep in the trailer. Later Nick finds out that it is actually Captain Renard who is the one involved with Juliette. This episode will also be big on the mythology surrounding Grimms, and will give fans a deeper look into the royal family.

Silas Weir Mitchell divulges that the episode will show the characters trying to figure out exactly what spell Adalind used on Juliette. It’s going to get uncomfortable for Juliette and Nick, who are dealing with feelings of jealousy and betrayal. Monroe will especially be missing Rosalee, as he has a hard time with everything going on between his friends.

Sasha Roiz discusses all of the trouble Renard has gotten into since saving Juliette. Not only has he become obsessed with her, but now Adalind is out to get him. Because the pair weren’t careful enough with their obsession, it is now affecting other people, mainly Nick.

When Adalind comes back to town, she quickly gets Hank out of the way so that she can hone in on Nick, who has the key she is after. Hank lands in the hospital where he is visited by Nick and Monroe, only he can’t seem to remember what happened to him (sound familiar?).

Adalind’s goal is to get new power to replace those she lost when she bit Nick and became human. Claire Coffee also reveals that she thought her character was going to get killed off! So it came as quite a surprise when they brought her back.

The preview from “Season of the Hexenbiest” gives us a glimpse at Adalind’s reunion with Captain Renard. Her first order of business is to taunt him about his obsession with Juliette. She threatens to tell Nick all about Renard’s true identity as a royal Wesen if he doesn’t comply with her demands.

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