Watch these previews of Grimm 2×09 “La Lloranna” to see how ghosts will be invading Portland.

The Halloween episode of Grimm is based on the ghost story of “La Llorona,” hence the episode title. Nick will be investigating a series of child abductions that leads him to the story of a mother’s ghost. A detective from Albuquerque and Juliette will both be helping the detective with this case, and Nick will learn how his own family is tied in with the Hispanic ghost lore.

In the first preview the cast discusses the episode’s origin in the Hispanic legend. A detective from Albuquerque named Valentina Espinosa, played by Kate del Castillo, comes to help out Nick and Hank. Together they will struggle to figure out exactly who, or should we say what, is abducting the children of Portland.

Juliette will be helping out Nick and Hank by acting as a translator during their investigations. When Juliette is speaking with a woman for them she reveals that she knows who has abducted one of the children. The woman says that it was La Lloranna who took the child. Juliette then has to explain the legend of the weeping woman to Nick and Hank.

Do you think that Juliette will learn more about Nick’s world while she is helping him with this case?

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