Check out these previews from Grimm 2×06 “Over My Dead Body” to see how Monroe will react to being in danger.

Danger enters in the form of Monroe’s ex-girlfriend, Angelina. It looks as though Monroe might have to pay for all the help he has been giving to Nick as the Wesen world looks down on their relationship. Hank will step up to the plate and help protect Monroe while learning more abound the Wesen creatures. “Over My Dead Body” airs Oct. 5 at 9 p.m. on NBC.

Nick will head over to Monroe’s when he learns someone is after the Blutbad. When Nick asks about the sitation, Monroe explains that someone was offered $25,000 to kill him. And that person…or should we say Wesen, is there. Angelina has arrived bearing the bad news for Monroe. It’s obvious that Nick hasn’t forgotten their last meeting.

Protection will come in the form of Hank this time around. So what do Hank and Monroe do when they are stuck together? Start drinking of course! Monroe will teach Hank why Nick is so dangerous to the Wesen creatures. He also shows Hank how he can control whether or not he can see Monroe in his Blutbad form. And let’s just say that Hank still isn’t used to seeing it, but maybe he will begin to appreciate Monroe.

What do you think will happen to Monroe?

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