Juliette will be bringing sexiness to Grimm in a big way, with an intense bedroom scene. See what Bitsie Tulloch says about the act!

Ever since Juliette awoke from her coma via a kiss from Renard with the use of a potion, a lot of tension has been in the air. The kiss in question has caused an obsession between the two who have an undeniable chemistry whenever they come close to one another. However, Juliette is still working on her relationship with Nick after all her memories were wiped while she was in a coma. Now Bitsie Tulloch is revealing that her character is going to have quite the bedroom scene coming up. But she won’t reveal who it’s with.

Tulloch did tell TV Guide that Juliette is being driven crazy by her sudden obsession with the captain, mainly because the two have only had a few interactions with one another and now she can’t stop thinking about him, but doesn’t know why.

While we’ve seen the captain do some creepy acts on the show (sneaking into Juliette’s house as she showers) we’re about to see Juliette step up her own obsession. Tulloch explains, “She starts to talk about it, and… you have certainly not seen the last of those two together.” This growing obsession is going to cause quite some problems in upcoming episodes, the actress promises.

So will she be hitting the sack with the captain? That remains to be seen. Either way we will see Juliette unleash her wild side. Tulloch spills the details on the scene: “You are going to see some mad bedroom skills in an episode coming up that is so intense and amazing that we had to rehearse it forever. I can’t say who the other person is, but we both decided we didn’t want to do it with the stunt doubles, but we had a stunt coordinator. It’s basically a sex scene that is so cool and crazy that the stunt coordinator had to be there.”

Who do you want to see Juliette with?

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