Check out the newly released episode stills for Grimm 2×07 “The Bottle Imp.”

This week Nick and Hank will be investigating a murder that leads them to an unstable father on the run with his daughter. During the instigation, they will run into even more trouble, making them realize the father is the least of their problems. Monroe will be playing the role of shop keeper for Rosalee while she is back home. However, it sounds as though it will be a little more trouble than he expected. Life will also get complicated for Captain Renard when Adalind returns.

Juliette is finally starting to remember Nick, but it seems like she’ll also be remembering Renard. Bitsie Tulloch recently told Zap2it that we haven’t seen the last of the effects of the potion Renard took, “Because of what happened with Renard having to go through that soul purification ritual to rescue Juliette, they are inextricably connected — whether or not they want to be or whether or not they know it.” Sasha Roiz adds that the potion, “is going to complicate things in our dynamic. The effects of the potion are longstanding, so it’s going to play with my heart and mind for a little while.”

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“The Bottle Imp” airs Oct. 12 at 9 p.m. on NBC.

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