Stills from Grimm episode 2×11 “To Protect and Serve Man” are now online, check them out here and watch the promotional video!

Hank’s new knowledge of the Wesen world will have him looking back on his past as a detective. Jason Gedrick guest stars as Craig Wendell Ferren, someone who committed murder but claimed it was self defense against a monster. Now that Craig’s death sentence is coming up, Hank wonders if he may have made a mistake. Could Craig have been telling the truth and was actually protecting himself from a Wesen? Meanwhile Monroe is continuing to watch the spice shop and will get himself into a situation he never expected.

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The promo for “To Protect and Serve Man” also shows us that Adalind will be paying Hank a visit, and it looks like she isn’t alone. The narrator tells us that “her plan is coming together.” Will Adalind be using Hank to get to Nick? It also shows her threatening Captain Renard to get a key for her. That’s not Nick’s only problem. Juliette will also come clean to Nick that she’s having feelings for another man. While Nick demands to know who it is, the promo doesn’t show if she spills the details. Could this mean the end for Nick and Juliette?

It seems like this week’s episode of Grimm is going to be action packed! What are you excited to see?

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