A series of brutal murders will have the Wesen’s of Portland on high altert. Check out these stills and preview from Friday’s episode of Grimm 2×10 “The Hour of Death.”

When a serial killer makes its way to Portland it becomes clear that the Wesen community is the target. The serial killer has decided to take the law into its own hands. As Nick is investigating the homicides, he finds they are similar to a line of Grimms well known by the Wesens. Let’s just say these Grimms aren’t known for their compassion. Nick will have to find out if there is another Grimm in town before it’s too late. Meanwhile Renard and Juliette might be getting closer when he offers to help her deal with her troubles with Nick.

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While Nick is investigating the homicides, he turns to Monroe for some answers. Monroe tells Nick how, as a child, his parents and grandparents told him old cautionary tales to warn them against the worst of the Grimms. Those who had no compassion or conscious. They felt no guilt killing men, women, and children Wesen. Monroe even has a book with some of the stories about these Grimms to show Nick.

Captain Renard reaches out to Juliette, telling her that he is concerned about Nick being distracted at work. He claims that he wants to help the both of them in any way that he can. Juliette admits to Renard that he’s a complete stranger to her. It’s clear from this preview that it’s getting harder for them to deny the chemistry.

Do you think another Grimm has come to town?

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