Since the start of Season 9, Grey’s Anatomy couple Arizona and Callie have been in a difficult point in their relationship with Arizona blaming Callie for her disability. Sara Ramirez is speaking out about their rocky road to recovery.

Last week we saw Callie’s breaking point when she got home to find Arizona had fired her nurse and was sitting on the floor in a pile of her own urine. Still, Arizona didn’t want help from Callie. Finally having had enough from her partner, Callie picked Arizona up and forced her into the shower while screaming “”This is my life now, too.” Although Ramirez says that last week’s episode was painful to play it was a moment that needed to happen.

But that doesn’t mean that they’ve fixed their relationship, in fact Ramirez doesn’t think so. The actress is worried that the couple is becoming quite dysfunctional as they try and ignore certain issues. Ramirez explains to Huffington Post, “I’m just starting to see what a lot of dysfunctional couples do when they are trying to accept a problem without really working through it. There’s a lot of brushing things under a rug and putting on a happy face. I see a lot of band-aids, but I don’t know if these two are really going to talk about what really needs to be talked about.” Despite having these issues it looks like Callie will still be there for the long haul. Because Arizona stuck by Callie’s side through the pregnancy of Sophia, the accident that landed her in coma, and then having a preemie, Ramirez believes Callie will try to stick by Arizona.

Even though Callie might want to be there for Arizona, the amputee wants to figure this out on her own. So fans will be seeing Callie trying to keep busy with her daughter and her career, with those who want her help. Callie will struggle with how to support and nurture Arizona, Ramirez reveals.

Why does Callie seem to keep landing herself in these dysfunctional relationships? If you remember, Callie went through a nasty first marriage to George that resulted in divorce. Maybe the problem lies within Callie, Ramirez believes that “she’s picking the wrong people. I don’t think it’s really Callie’s fault necessarily, but you know, the responsibility lies when you pick someone, you’re stuck with them to some degree.”

It doesn’t seem like Ramirez is so sure that they are really stuck together. The accident seems to be bringing out issues that the pair should have talked about before they decided to get married. If they can’t pull things together than maybe they were never meant to be together. At least Ramirez seems to be questioning the relationship saying, “Was everybody being true to themselves when they committed to this relationship? Or did anybody lie to themselves in order not to be alone? Because a lot of people do that in life — they’re too scared to be alone.”

Do you think that Callie and Arizona will be able to pull it together or will they fall apart?

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