The big Grey’s Anatomy season finale is on all fans’ minds these days. See what Jesse Williams had to say about what fans can expect! Warning: Spoiler Alert!

If you’ve been living under a rock then you might not know that it’s been spoiled fans can expect to see one of their beloved characters meet their end in the season finale of Grey’s Anatomy. Just weeks away, everyone is trying to squeeze as many details out of the stars as possible. See what Jesse Williams, who plays Jackson Avery, had to say about the episode!

TV Line writes:

Looking ahead to the season finale (airing May 17): For a show that has in the past staged a ferry accident, opened a sinkhole in the middle of the city and sent a gunman roaming the halls, how will that episode rank as far as intensity?
I’d say it definitely ranks up there with intensity. We’re not cutting any corners in terms of the pressure, dire straits. It’s about a life-and-death split-second decision in this case. It’s something that I really enjoyed reading and [acting], I just wish it was even longer. I wish we were doing a double episode like we did in Season 6, because it’s kind of something you didn’t want to end. But it’s also bittersweet.

TV Line also writes:

This week’s Ask Ausiello eliminated a few names – Meredith’s included – from the season finale Death Watch, but the other big question heading into that pivotal episode is how we lose a familiar face. Will it be an instantaneous death like gunman victim Reed Adamson’s? Will he/she die on the table a la George O’Malley? Or will it be a slower, agonizing passing? I ran that angle by Jesse Williams during our recent Q&A, and he responded, “I can’t say the how or why but it’s absolutely going to be sad. It was heart-wrenching at the table read, and it was heart wrenching as we shot it.” In other words, no matter who isn’t coming out of that May 17 episode alive, “It matters, and it’s not going to be quickly forgotten by anyone.”

What do you think Williams means by a bittersweet ending?

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