Grey’s Anatomy brought in five new interns for season 9. Here’s your chance to finally learn their names as well as some details about upcoming episodes. Spoilers ahead.

In an interview with TVGuide, the Grey’s newbies spill details for some upcoming episodes, including the fact that the interns will get an episode told from their point of view and that the wedding Shonda Rhimes teased before the start of the season will be Bailey’s.

“We see the interns pairing up with the doctors [and] romantic stuff happens,” Gaius Charles (Shane, who Cristina calls “Happy”) told TVGuide. Though it’s unclear whether those pairings will happen at the wedding, Charles shares that while assigned to April, his character will be removing a growth from a woman’s private parts. “It’s gross and humiliating, but some good comes out of it,” Charles said. “Shane and April form a friendship.”
As for Tina Majorino’s character, Heather, who we last saw having a one-night stand with Alex and is dubbed “Dopey” by Cristina, she’ll be stuck in the middle of a Mer-Der fight. “Meredith asks Heather to do some research on a procedure to help Derek’s hand,” Majorino said. “It blows up, and Derek ends up screaming at Meredith and Heather.”
Then there’s Camilla Luddington’s Jo who is assigned to Alex.

“[He] gets under her skin as no one else has done and calls her ‘Princess,'” the former True Blood star said.

Could her hate become love for the surly and yet lovable Karev?

Stephanie, played by Jerrika Hinton, apparently has a secret crush on one of the doctors. According to TVGuide, she’ll have trouble stringing a sentence together in front of said crush at Bailey’s wedding (Who knew Bailey was one to invite interns to her big day?). Who could her crush be? They’ll be sharing an “intimate encounter” that Hinton described as “definitely charged.”
Finally, there’s Leah, played by Tessa Ferrer. She hasn’t had as much screen time as the other Seattle Grace newbies but she’ll be getting a taste of the Queen of Mean when she’s assigned to monitor babies with Stephanie. “It gets out of control and puts our jobs in jeopardy,” Ferrer said. Like her fellow female interns, she’ll also get involved with Alex…and, like most, end up heartbroken.

Tune in for the intern-centric episode Dec. 6 and Bailey’s wedding Dec. 13.

Grey’s Anatomy 9×06 “Second Opinion” airs Thursday at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.

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