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‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 16 mid-season premiere is basically a hot mess

After loving the first half of Grey’s Anatomy season 16, it’s worrisome to see how the show returned with plots that were all over the place.

Grey’s Anatomy season 16, episode 10, “Help Me Through The Night,” marked the first episode at the new air time. This meant that in order to get the full story of what happens with the accident at the bar, viewers have to watch Station 19 prior to this episode.

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If you’re like me and you don’t watch that show, the crossover caused Grey’s Anatomy to return on a confusing note from the beginning. When we last left off, everyone at the bar had just been surprised by the car that crashed into the building.

Grey’s Anatomy 16×10 picked up with Bailey in a daze as she watched all the ambulances come in with those that were injured. It was a quick way to figure out who got hurt but it felt disjointed. Of course, you can always watch the Station 19 episode to remedy this but if you simply don’t want to, then it does mess with the overall feel.

The thing that threw me off the most in the episode is just how many emotional arcs are squeezed into the episode. It’s not new for Grey’s Anatomy to pack a lot of drama into one episode, but this felt like it was overdone. In a way that the characters and viewers aren’t given enough time to properly process what is actually going on.

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The result was that everything just felt off. One could recognize where fans were meant to feel sad or upset with what the characters were dealing with, but it didn’t actually hit in the right way.

Look at what Bailey was dealing with, a miscarriage is a huge ordeal emotionally. And yet, not enough attention was devoted to what she was dealing with. Right from the beginning of the episode, Bailey couldn’t even have a moment to deal with the physical pain she was feeling because she had to help Schmitt pull himself together.

She went from dealing with all the rush of people coming into the hospital, having her old co-workers around whom she fired, and the fear of losing her injured residents. She only got a few moments to break down and cry after being in surgery, and then later having some donuts with Meredith.

There was a lot more potential for this storyline to pack a punch and discuss an issue that many women deal with, and yet, it felt like an afterthought. Of course, it’s entirely possible that there’s still more to come on it, and I hope that there is. It still seems odd that it wouldn’t be more of a focus while Bailey is actively dealing with the situation.

Casey Parker also went missing in the episode thanks to his PTSD from serving in the military causing him to think that a bomb that went off. Confused and panicked, he went to hide while the other doctors were worried about his injuries.

However, because of the other issues that Amelia and Teddy were dealing with, they spent a lot of time talking about that rather than Casey. Teddy was extra distracted with Owen in the hospital while still being kind of torn between him and Tom. On top of that, everyone was talking about the fact that they’re not engaged yet. While Amelia had the big secret of her pregnancy possibly being Owen’s child instead of Lincoln’s.

Honestly, this alone was such a tangle of emotions and developments that they could have their own show. Owen had to deal with Tom being an ass towards him, while people think Tom and Teddy are together. Not to mention the odd pressure he was getting from others to propose to Teddy. Which took away from the actual proposal he did do later in the episode.

The whole thing felt rushed, especially when you consider how many seasons their love story was in the making. I’m not sure if Teddy felt cheapened out of being proposed to in a hospital room after people kept talking about their situation, but I sure did. Instead of having this amazing moment, it was very cringe-worthy.

Especially with Amelia right in the hallway trying to tell Lincoln the truth about her pregnancy. Instead of each of these couples dealing with these very big deals in their own time and with the right amount of attention, it was all mashed together. Which was surely meant to make it more dramatic but it actually just ruined the moments.

Not to mention Maggie’s barely there appearance in the episode. After quitting her job, she was at home dealing with all the emotions from losing her cousin and thinking she’d lost another patient. However, her spirits were lifted when DeLuca showed up with the news that her patient actually got better and his heart started beating again.

Then Maggie was served with papers and it was revealed she’s being sued for wrongful death. This is obviously a very big issue that will be an important storyline going into the rest of the season. After everything thing else in the episode though, it was muted.

Perhaps most distracting of all, is what was going on with Jo in the episode. As well as the elephant in the room that was Alex’s absence due to Justin Chambers’ exit from the series. Viewers were reminded again that Alex is supposed to be just away visiting with his mom. Meanwhile, Jo fell in love with a baby that she was supposed to bring to the hospital.

Jo did end up bringing the baby where it belonged even though she spent the entire episode loving on it. It was cute but it ended up just being confusing because it didn’t seem like there was a point to it. At least not that we can see yet. Perhaps this was because it was supposed to lead to something more but with Alex being gone, they changed their minds. I’m really not sure, and I’ll be scratching my head over this one unless we get an explanation in the next episode.

As an added sort of what the fuck, everyone that had been fired from the Grey Sloan Memorial was back working at it for the episode because of the accident. It felt a little sloppy to have such a big change in the season suddenly disappear. Though, I am mindful that this doesn’t necessarily mean it will be a permanent change, I am worried to see how they’ll deal with the storyline of Alex’s hospital. Now that he’s gone, are they just going to end it there?

I’m still really hopeful that this isn’t a bad sign of what’s to come for the rest of Grey’s Anatomy season 16. It seems like the show just got in over its head with trying to do another crossover and pushing the show forward with storylines for the remainder of the season. It was a bold move to try and do everything, but for me, it fell flat.

What did you think of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 16, episode 10, ‘Help Me Through The Night’?

Grey’s Anatomy airs on Thursday nights at 9 p.m. EST on ABC!

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