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#TGIT Recap: Discussing ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 15 premiere and ‘HTGAWM’ season 5 premiere

TGIT is back! Tonight’s episodes included the two-hour Grey’s Anatomy season 15 premiere and the How To Get Away With Murder season 5 premiere!

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 15 premiere:

The Grey’s Anatomy season 15 premiere embraced some of its favorite dramatic arcs, almost to the point of it feeling like they were jumping the shark. “With a Wonder and a Wild Desire” kicks off right after Jo and Alex’s wedding, leaving all of the doctors reeling from the events.

The storyline that feels like it’s smacking us in the face the most is Jackson’s sudden questioning of his faith – or lack thereof. A big part of Jackson’s breakup from April had to do with their differences in faith, but now he seems to be questioning everything.

A series of events that seem too coincidental for him start to make him wonder if there’s something bigger at play in the universe. Starting with his prayers for April to wake up from her coma, to DeLuca saving his and Maggie’s lives when they almost got hit by a car. The storyline actually feels a bit forced, and his friends are baffled by his sudden change of heart. Or maybe I’m just bitter about April leaving – who knows.

Meredith is dealing with the sudden awakening of her desire. It seems that the passionate kiss she shared with DeLuca at the wedding has made her body realize that she’s lonely. Even if Meredith isn’t ready to admit it to herself just yet. It makes her act pretty weird around basically every male around her for the day. Including DeLuca who takes the time to apologize for drunkenly kissing her. But is Meredith sorry about it? Maybe not.

The episode also introduces the new head of Orthopedics Atticus Lincoln, played by Chris Carmack. Who is literally referred to as the Ortho god by other doctors and even himself. Grey’s Anatomy even takes the chance to give him and Dr. Nico Kim (played by Alex Landi) a slow motion introduction to the trauma center. Like, they’re fully aware that part of the point of these characters is to bring in some more eye candy and they’re not afraid to show it.

Both of the doctors are quick to make an impact on the show. Not only showing off their skills in the operating room, but also making the hearts of many around them flutter. And it seems like Lincoln’s cool attitude in the OR might make some of the other doctors a little uncomfortable so that might translate into some issues down the road.

The love triangle between Teddy, Owen, and Amelia is further complicated by Teddy’s arrival in the city. Though once she discovers that Owen and Amelia are living together she immediately assumes that they’re a couple and panics. Which brings some drama with Bailey who was looking forward to stepping down as Chief for a bit. Once Amelia realizes that Teddy might be competition for Owen, is actually causes her to admit her feelings to Owen.

And to further complicate things, Teddy ends up admitting her pregnancy to Maggie when she worries around a blood clot in her leg. So now Maggie has to worry about keeping the pregnancy secret from the rest of her family while Jackson is weirding her out.

In part two of the Grey’s Anatomy season 15 premiere “Broken Together” the drama just keeps going.

Jackson’s patient develops and infection that’s quickly spreading and threatening her life. He knows he needs to get her into surgery and decides to use the hospitals brand new hyperbaric chamber to try and help her recovery. But it ends up backfiring on him when her heart fails and he can’t bring her back to life because defibrillation isn’t allowed in there.

It causes him to wonder even more about why his and Maggie’s lives were spared but his patient wasn’t. It seems that Jackson has more questions than answers these days and Maggie wonders if he’s suffering from PTSD due to all of the changes in his life. For whatever reason they also decide that it’s a good time to exchange “I love yous” to each other.

Meredith has more run ins with the new Ortho god, Lincoln, who actually gets the chance to introduce himself without her running away. He even asks her out for drinks but Meredith is quick to deny. She can’t seem to figure out his direct flirting approach. But by the end of the episode she does admit that she wants a life outside of work and seems ready for help from her matchmaking patient.

Meredith also helps Jo figure out a way to get a fellowship at the hospital when she realizes that she doesn’t want to go to Boston. Jo and Alex even came home early from their honeymoon to try and figure out a way for Jo to start the surgery research she wants to do in Seattle.

But Bailey ends up deciding to take Jo under her wing instead of letting Meredith continue to work with her. Bailey also decides to make Alex her new interim chief of surgery so that she can have a break from it. That leaves Bailey, Jo, and Alex happy with their new arrangement and Meredith annoyed that she didn’t get anything out of it.

Weber also might be falling off of his sobriety and hasn’t found a new sponsor. Both Bailey and Catherine are worried about him, and he seems to be skipping out on AA meetings as well. With his frustrations that Bailey refuses to make him the interim chief things could get even worse for Weber.

The second part of the finale seemed way less dramatic than the first, and there are definitely some interesting storylines being introduced. While some others are still questionable as far as I’m concerned.

I’m not sure where this season will be going, and I hope that Meredith’s storyline will be able to carry the season and make up for some of the other ones.

– Sonya Field

‘How To Get Away With Murder’ season 5 premiere:

how to get away with murder 5x01

With just one episode down, I’m already calling that the fifth season of How to Get Away with Murder is going to be my favorite one yet! It seems like they’re stripping things back to basics, and I can’t wait to see how things play out.

First of all, I love that the classroom scenes are back, and that things are just as competitive as they were in season 1. So competitive, in fact, that it looks like Asher has been replaced. I feel horrible that he feels so ousted, but I’m also so intrigued by Gabriel. I think he could add a really cool dynamic to the group, especially with all of the drama surrounding his parentage.

The one thing that’s very different from season 1 is the bond between the modified Keating 5. In season 1 they were constantly at each other’s throats, and now they’re living together! How to Get Away with Murder seems to be at its best when there’s a central meeting point. That was something that season 4 lacked, so it’ll be cool to see them return to that form.

Unfortunately, this cohabitation means that Laurel won’t be living with Frank anymore…but that could’ve gotten awkward once she rejected his proposal anyway. That was a pretty heartbreaking moment for Frank, but in comparison to where he was a couple seasons ago, things are still looking pretty good.

Based on what Laurel said about Wes at the end of season 4 (you killed the person I loved the most), she still has a lot to work through before she’s ready to settle down with anyone again. That doesn’t mean I believe this “Fabstinence” thing is going to last beyond another episode, but I’m on board with her taking time out to be a mom.

Speaking of moms…it looks like Laurel didn’t kill hers? That said, I won’t really be sure of that until I hear another french convo between the two. She didn’t score an invite to her grandson’s baptism, but hopefully we’ll see her again anyway.

I’m so glad Annalise will be working with Caplan & Gold in How to Get Away with Murder season 5! I’m hoping we’ll get to see her and Tegan kick some ass together in the court room, particularly on some of her class action cases that she’s going to get revisit.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who can’t wait for the Coliver wedding (although I have no idea who all those guests are) but the rest of that flash forward scene was insane. Did Rebecca come back from dead for Bonnie to finish off yet again? What is Christopher doing in the snow? What did Frank have to do with it? So many questions, how can we possibly wait until next week?

– Kendra Cleary

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